The Hindu Caste System: Joe Rogan Part of the Untouchables Coming to America?

By Reel Out Deep | ReelOutDeep | 7 May 2021

The Hindu caste system has four classes (more about it here).

The U.S. today? Seemingly just 3. So far...

There is that often talked about middle class. Implying the rich above that and the poor below that. Three classes.

What will be the fourth class?

The combination of Covid and cancel culture seems to imply that the U.S. may be on the verge of labeling an 'untouchables' class... just like India has.

Do you have your vaccine passport? Do you have your mask on? Did you utter some words we don't agree with?

Oh? Hmmm. Well, you can't come in. You can't go there. You can't do this.

Thus cancelled conservatives and anti-vaxxers. Liberals are going to try hard to make them 'untouchables'. Joe Rogan (no conservative). What did you say there buddy? Ok, you took that right back. Not cancelled for now. But we're on you bud. Don't slip up. Toe. The. Line. More here about this. Only Americans have the tenacity to stand up to these global corporations. If corporations turn America, the globe is lost. Who is going to stand up for true freedom?

Some liberals are already calling for you to isolate your own family if they don't comply. Story here. From the link: '"We've gotta shun folks, we've gotta shun people into getting vaccinated," said Smerconish, agreeing that businesses should make getting the vaccine mandatory as a condition of employment. However, he also asserted that family members and friends should socially ostracize those who choose not to take the vaccine.' Video here.

Another video here of a woman being bullied in the store by the class of people hoping to isolate 'untouchables.'

Labeling races or classes of people. It certainly doesn't help any cause. Content of your character should be the only ruling element. And personal responsibility. When the caste system dust settles, hopefully all of the labeling gets eliminated. Wouldn't that be a better future for us all. Trust others. Worry about your own business. And just be kind.

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