Get $10 of Bitcoin FREE just for making an account on Swan!

The BEST Sign Up & Referral Bonus I've Seen - Swan Bitcoin - Get $10 BTC FREE for Making an Account - No Deposit Needed

By Red State Blues | Red State Blues | 11 Mar 2021

Swan Bitcoin (Sign-up Here) is just getting started and to make their space in the market, they have launched a very competitive affiliate program on top of their already generous sign up bonus of $10 BTC. Swan launched with a remarkably simple plan, make buying and saving Bitcoin as easy as possible for everyone. 

Swan makes its revenue from relatively small transaction fees and simplifies scheduling recurring Bitcoin purchases

What makes Swan so special? You've probably seen plenty of wallets and exchanges boast about their sign-up rewards, $10, $20, $25, etc. - but unlike the rest, Swan will grant you $10 BTC without requiring a deposit beforehand. On top of this, Swan allows users to withdraw their sign-up bonus right away. This means users can actually try using Bitcoin before committing to investing in it and other cryptocurrencies! It's refreshing to see this level of confidence, customer trust, and excitement from a company, even in this hyper-competitive marketplace. 

Swan wants to make Bitcoin Investing accessible to EVERYONE with an amazingly simple interface

On top of the incentives to join Swan Bitcoin, the fact that they undercut Coinbase across the board on transaction fees should not be ignored.

Swan vs Coinbase Fees


The affiliate program for Swan Bitcoin is among the best I have seen as well. For each new user, the affiliate gets a commission if the user purchases a plan. Since Swan does not require deposits to claim the rewards, it makes it much easier for affiliates to fully onboard new users. Needless to say, I would recommend checking out Swan Bitcoin for yourselves and see how you like it (Sign-up Here) - IT'S FREE $10 BTC! CLAIM YOURS! 

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Red State Blues
Red State Blues

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Red State Blues
Red State Blues

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