11 Reasons On How Cryptocurrency Is Affecting You Negatively.

By stbrians | Recite Into Insights | 30 Dec 2022

Believe you,  me,  this crypto world is affecting you negatively.  Maybe you want to argue otherwise but am sure this is the case. 

Price Of Cryptocurrency Today


Bitcoin(BTC) 16,515.20USD


Bitcoin is on the downward trend. 


Ethereum (ETH) 1,192.28USD

ETH is on the downward trend too.  


Solana (SOL)  USD $9.1714197


Cardano (Ada) 0.24USD


Litecoin (Ltc) $66.74


This is just a sample of 5 coins out of thousands of coins online today. 

How The Cryptocurrency World Affects Us Negatively. 


  • We keep on thinking about these coins.  Since we want to know the trend of cryptocurrency online as per hour,  day and month,  we frequently monitor them.  This makes us obsessed with them to the point of almost worshipping them.  We eat,  drink and speak cryptocurrency.  This is having a toll on our health.  

  • We worry too much.  When we invest and the currency is not going our way,  we worry because we are losing money.  

  • Bankruptcy and poverty.  Many people have become either poor or bankrupt when they invest much and the prices fall drastically. Also many coins and exchanges have gone under with investors coins. 

  • Losing wallets.  Many have lost hard-earned cash when they lose and forget their wallets.  

  • Lack of understanding.  Lack of understanding how to trade and invest in cryptocurrency. 

  • Cybercrime.  With cryptocurrency,  cybercrime is in the increase.  Thieves are lacking to steal your hard earned cryptocurrency.

  • Lack of proper guidance and rules by governments. Cryptocurrency is controlled by block chain and cannot wild because it does not have proper rules and guidance by countries. 

  • Much time and energy spent in monitoring cryptocurrency. People seem to spend more time in monitoring the rise and fall of cryptocurrency. 

  • Storage of cryptocurrency is a problem. Some countries and individuals do not accept cryptocurrency. 

  • Health problems due to worries and frequent use of computers.




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