Create your own Crypto ETF

Create your own currency index fund

By AlexanderBradley | Recession ready? | 24 Jan 2020

Why diversify ?

Diverse investments mitigate risk of loss and can offer significant return improvements over any single asset. The dawn of crypto enables anyone to set up their own portfolio at near zero cost. Moreover, I present tools to enable anyone to automate re-balancing at any interval, based on manually pre-defined allocations.


Why manually pre-defined ?

Informed human intuition outperforms risk models by an order of magnitude. Here is an excerpt of our performance stress test results of varying portfolio strategies from the same basket of crypto's over the last 2 years, re-balancing hourly.


Y axis is % Return On Investment

X axis is number of hours since the start (2 years ago)


Which to choose ?

Higher market cap coins offer more safety. After that, it becomes a personal choice based on foreseen security, value, utility, fees, speed. Once you have picked your top 10, say, you can see their correlations. 


Highlighted in blue are the low correlations we are looking for. Note that in this case all correlations are positive. Since they are all in the currency class this is not unexpected but highlights the importance of investing also across asset classes. 


From the above example, we can choose a simple portfolio:



How to setup my ETF ?

Steps to get started:

Edit your configuration:


lastweights = {     "BAT":0.1,         "XLM":0.1,     "BNB":0.1,      "BTC": 0.4,       "USDT": 0.3 }



Run the script (it will automatically re-balance for you every hour):



Final thoughts 

Hopefully, you have found my software of value. I offer my extensive testing, results and software for your benefit. That is for financial sovereignty of the populous. Please consider donating:

BTC - 112eMCQJUkUz7kvxDSFCGf1nnFJZ61CE4W



Coinbase balancer now available too


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Recession ready?
Recession ready?

Are you ready for the greatest recession of your lifetime? Here are Robert Kiyosaki's 5 G's that hold value during a serious recession: Ground ( spatial security ) Grub ( food security ) Guns ( physical security ) Gold ( financial security ) Gas ( mobile security ) Cash and Crypto would be next on the list.

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