A Resounding Success: Recap of the Cardano Intersect Meetup in Lagos!



The Cardano Intersect Local Community Meetup 1.0 in Lagos was a resounding success!


 On June 22nd, 2024, a vibrant community of Cardano enthusiasts came together to delve into the world of on-chain governance and explore the exciting potential of this innovative blockchain platform.

A Warm Welcome and Insightful Introduction


The meetup kicked off with a warm welcome from the Cardano Intersect Team. Attendees had the opportunity to introduce themselves and connect with fellow Cardano supporters, fostering a collaborative and engaging atmosphere.


Cardano in the Spotlight: Ubio Obu's Expository Speech


Ubio Obu, the CEO of Remostart, took the stage and delivered an insightful speech that shed light on the groundbreaking features of Cardano. 

He simplified the technical aspects of the platform, explaining its unique proof-of-stake consensus mechanism and its emphasis on peer-reviewed research.  

This in-depth exploration provided a strong foundation for understanding Cardano's capabilities and its potential to revolutionize various industries.

He dropped a quote that has become quite popular, “ADA is not just a token, it's my governance tool”


Gvernance Simplified: A Video by Charles Hoskinson


Following Ubio's speech, a captivating video message from Charles Hoskinson, the co-founder of Cardano, was presented. 

In his signature engaging style, Charles simplified the complexities of Cardano governance. 

He explained the various ways ADA holders can actively participate in shaping the future of the platform, including voting on proposals, submitting Cardano Improvement Proposals (CIPs), and delegating voting rights.

 This clear and concise presentation empowered attendees to understand their role in Cardano's governance process.

Interactive Learning and Engaging Activities


The meetup wasn't just about lectures! 


Throughout the program, interactive elements like games and quizzes kept the energy high and ensured everyone was actively engaged, then the winners were given tokens of ADA to their chagrin. 

 These activities not only tested attendees' knowledge but also provided valuable insights into the community's understanding of Cardano governance.

At this point the attendees were presented with a light lunch to keep body and soul together, lol 😆.

Building the Community: Unveiling Cardano Intersect


The latter half of the meetup focused on the power of community. We introduced the Cardano Intersect network, a platform that fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing within the Cardano ecosystem. Attendees learned about the benefits of membership, including access to exclusive content, valuable networking opportunities, and a comprehensive knowledge base. 


The enthusiasm for joining this vibrant community was palpable!

Open Discussion and Q&A Session


A lively Q&A session followed the presentation on the Cardano Intersect. Attendees eagerly asked questions about various aspects of Cardano governance, from the technical details of voting to the long-term vision for the platform. Our team of experts addressed all inquiries with clarity and enthusiasm, fostering a deeper understanding of Cardano's potential.

Wrapping Up: Key Takeaways and Next Steps


As the meetup concluded, we summarized the key takeaways from the day. 

Attendees left empowered with a newfound understanding of Cardano governance and the various ways they can contribute to the platform's future. We provided information on how to stay connected with the Cardano Intersect community and get involved in ongoing initiatives.



(Attendees happily taking pictures and making solid connections)...

A Huge Thank You!

The Cardano Intersect Team would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who made this meetup a success.

Thank you to Ubio Obu for his insightful presentation, to Charles Hoskinson for his clear explanation of Cardano governance, and most importantly, to all the attendees who brought their passion and curiosity to the event.


Ubio Obu of Remostart and other fellow organizers. 


This meetup was a testament to the thriving Cardano community in Lagos. We look forward to hosting more engaging events in the future and continuing to empower individuals to actively participate in shaping the future of blockchain technology.


Stay tuned for updates on future meetups and follow us on social media!

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Recap of the Cardano Intersect Local Meetup Lagos
Recap of the Cardano Intersect Local Meetup Lagos

The Cardano Intersect Local Meetup is poised to expand its global footprint in Nigeria. The Nigeria Community is going strong! And we are about to go in-depth.

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