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T. Roosevelt's productivity tip

By fmiren | Real World Assets | 11 Sep 2023

"Deep Work" by Cal Newport is a truly amazing book. It contains many useful tips on how to achieve more in less time, and in general how to live a fulfilled life. The trick I'll talk about in this post is "Roosveltian dash". Read on and try to apply it to your own life.

There's a top productivity trick what Newport calls “Rooseveltian intensity”. First, identify a task requiring deep work, a task that is on your priority list and on which you have procrastinated for a while. Think about how long it normally would take to complete the task, and give yourself a deadline that significantly decreases the required time. Since you have no choice other than to complete the task, get started working on it with great intensity which means no distractions, no social media, no emails. The power of these “Roosevelt dashes” is that by introducing imaginary deadlines they will increase your level concentration drastically. Furthermore, as the previous one, this strategy will help you to embrace boredom and avoid distractions.

Since social media can be a big distraction, another simple rule Newport suggests is just quit them. You may consider not to use social media for thirty days. Don’t deactivate your account or declare online that you are going to sign off these services. Just don’t use the social media that most sucks up your time for 30 days.

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