The Lost Princess

By razeiv | razeiv | 19 Jul 2019

Hi folks, i hope we all are having a good time here 🙂

We have heard many tales of Prince and princess and as you me too. So i am inspired you can say from reading those prince and princess stories mostly during my childhood days, which unfortunately for me it’s over. So, i tried to depict some of my imagination into a short tale. Hope you guys like it!


So?” The king’s voice boomed, “Where is my precious daughter, knight? Where is the princess?” The knight took a deep breath as he started recounting his tale to the court.


The Knight narrated as :

The vegetation was thicker in these parts of the jungle. Segor (Knight’s name) had last seen traces of civilisation two days ago, as the tribe of savages which abducted Princess Ascen was known to habituate the deeper parts of the forest.


The princess had been a delicate little thing. Always clad in fine silk, the king’s youngest daughter had been thoroughly coddled her whole life. Therefore, when she was abducted, two years ago, it was a shock for the entire kingdom. Battalions had been sent to look for her. However, the climate was too harsh, the resources few and the jungle vast. Hence, all the search parties returned in fewer numbers and without the princess. That was when Segor was called in; a soldier trained only to rescue the helpless princess. She needed a knight and he needed to fulfil his purpose.


One day, suddenly, savage tribal men surrounded him from all directions, with their spears pointed at him. Segor lunged and sparred his way to his horse. Just as he was about to move to safety, he felt the unmistakable cold of the edge of a sword on the back of his neck. “You dare trespass on my land, soldier?” a clear voice rang out. Segor turned and facing him was the frail Princess Ascen! Except, she wasn’t frail anymore, dressed from head to toe in leathers and animal skin, with war paint smeared all over her face. She had been thin, but now she had filled out and looked strong. She had always been fair, but now a glow seemed to come from within her sun-tanned bronze skin.

“Princess?” Segor stuttered. Her eyes widened, but she regained her composure swiftly. “There was a time when I answered to that title.” She spoke in the clear, sonorous tones of a warrior, “Now, you shall address me as Chieftain Ascen, leader of the Ourangbong tribe.” She finished with her voice cracking like a whip in the still forest. Segor went down on one knee and tried again. He bowed his head and said, “My lady, the kingdom awaits your presence with fervour. I have been sent to rescue you from these savages.” Segor continued tinued, “Please come with me, Princess. Let your knight rescue you.”

Look up, knight!” She commanded. Segor obliged. The abducted princess looked at the knight sent to rescue her and smiled, “Do you think I need rescuing?” He looked at the lady in front of him, decked in scars and bruises smeared all over with dirt and yet, regal. No, she definitely didn’t need him to rescue her.


The Knight ended the narration with a sigh

The entire court listened in stunned silence as Segor went on, “Yes, she was abducted but they trained her in archery and swordsmanship. The princess was an excellent learner and was the best warrior in the Ourong-bong tribe within a year. They took her in their tribe and after the passing of their earlier leader, she was a clear successor.”

So,” the king said with some difficulty, “You mean to say that my porcelain daughter is fighting alongside sword-yielding savages? And that she rejected the knight I sent her? The knight she needed?” He was almost roaring in rage.

That is where we went wrong, Your Majesty.” Segor smiled, “She never needed a knight. She just needed a sword.”




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