By razeiv | razeiv | 17 Jul 2019

Hi guys! I am sure we all are having a  good  time here         



I was just wondering watching the beautiful clear sky and these stars were staring at me too :)



Alone in the dark night,
Staring at the twinkling stars,
Thinking about those days,
Which are gone now.

In the midnight of silence,
And silent is the atmosphere,
But those ignited dreams of mine
Are still awake.

The shining of the bright moon,
And the burning ambitions
Gave me a way
A way to those brilliant stars.

The memories are still with me,
And the hopes are in my heart.
A free soul today I am,
In the lap of Nature, I am.

Below this endless night sky,
I am alone.
Enjoying the music
That is within my heart,
And staring at those shining stars.



Much love




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