CMC October 20 Analysis Along With New Releases
CMC October 20 Analysis Along With New Releases

By razeiv | razeiv | 20 Oct 2019

CoinMarket Cap Analysis


Top Gainer Since 24 Hours


ATBCOIN(ATB) With A Jump Of  108.40 % and price flashing on $0.002792


Top Gainer Since 7 Days


ATBCOIN(ATB) with a 7 day impressive maintainence of 256.65 %



Top Loser Since 24 Hours


Glitzcoin(GTN) with a drop of 23.38 % and current price ongoing $0.153



Top Loser Since 7 Days


Akropolis (AKRO) struggling very much since the last 7 days, 64.92% down since, current price ongoing $0.001811



What's New Today?


Well, a new coin that's been added to Coin Market cap today is CoinHe Token (CHT).

Current price: $0.565363 as it is maintaining it's $0.5 launching price.

Volume is quite decent too with 200,000,000 CHT.

What is CHT?

Well CHT is an ERC-20 token issued by, an autonomous and transparent trading platform.

How to earn CHT?

Well, interestingly CHT can only be earned through airdrop and bounty campaign which is on since Jan 31 2019 but kyc is mandate. You cannot
buy CHT and this is the only way to earn it and earn interest on it passively. App is also available both on app store and google play.

If you don't want to miss this oppurtunity then you click HERE and earn CHT.


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