Life's show

By AbrahamCrypto | Rap scribbles | 30 Jan 2020

Gentlemen and Ladies

The show is about to begin

I hope you left your babies at home with your next of kin

These little tit suckers cry a lot it bothers me so i tie their little nut in a knot till they stop

I'm kidding it's a joke 

I'm an entertainer that's my job

My name is Bob and i'm a blob

Forgive me if i rob all your attention but i'm initializing my rhyming technique

and i'm hypnotizing you by the words i speak

I need you to focus on the beats i'm taking you off your seats

Levitation for the nation that's fighting invasion on the streets

Courage is key in the elimination of the enemy

Fight if you wanna be free

Stand beside me for victory

I'm building an army

You are my soldiers

I need you to grab your forks and salters and follow me to the waters

Wait! Something's coming towards us

Look! it's a flying saucer

Hit it with the sauce and Run for the doors

i'll wrap a cork with some pork attach it to my fork

Set it on fire and fire the smoked pork

Into my mouth and down my tummy

Cuz it's yummy

Just like my mummy used to do it for me

When i was a little kid i used to write poetry

But now i run a rap ministry that's shaken this whole industry

And overtaken its military with an infantry of infants and misfits

Bruce willis, two midgets and a chick who gave me her digits

And said to call her whenever i need neo from the matrix

Together we erased this treacherous threat of evil dead

That has no respect for people's intellect

And has infected their heads with diseases that spread 

Faster than you get out of bed or out of debt

Sinking to the depths of regret

Thinking will i ever forget all the pain an neglect







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Rap scribbles
Rap scribbles

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