Friends (1)

By AbrahamCrypto | Rap scribbles | 18 Jan 2020

Welcome my dearest friend, you've made it to the arms of friends

I want you to see me, remember you need me

Wherever you may go just know i'm by your side


I go way back with my friends, we used to kick it all the time

Summertime cruisin' listenin' to blues and

Sippin orange juice with some booze smoke a doobie, snooze..

Then we wake up shake up, girls put on your make up

We're going to tear up the club everytime the base drops or a bottle pops

And shots won't stop dropping till the credit cards stop shopping and the bartender starts mopping

We hit the road, what's popping?

X's and O's with Alexis and her hoes, then it's relaxing your toes on the beaches with your bros

Bottles of ice cold rose and tequilas from don jose

We only do the right way till there's nothing left yeah!

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Rap scribbles
Rap scribbles

Stuff that rhyme that i write to pass time

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