Diss 1 (Century Diss)

By AbrahamCrypto | Rap scribbles | 13 Feb 2020

This is the century's diss

The resistance can't resist the fact that i exist

I got you pissed off when i pissed above

Your head cuz i'm too high

Made it rain yellow love

I gave you pain in the heart when i gave you a head start but i finished before you could even smell my fart

I told you this is art and you can't be a part 

Of my team cuz you're mean and your still fourteen

You go to school and think you're cool cuz you broke one rule

But i broke your spirit with my lyric and it only took one minute for you to know that i'm infinite

My words are explicit and my methods are illicit

My ass you will kiss it or your ass i will whip it

Your finger you can stick it up your pussy if you miss it

Your life i ruin it crumble it you're done for

Shattered glass on the the floor rusty hinges metal door

Is what you sound like on a mic i wanna bust my eardrum with a spike

Go deaf, never hear this again, never see you again

Poof! make you disappear

They say you should face your fear but you're facing shakespear so turn around dear and go have beer cuz your end is near

These are your last moments

I'm dropping an A-bomb on my opponents

Push them to extinction

They failed life's test while i passed with distinction

One more chance you ain't getting my permission

Cuz i'm on a mission to change your vision

Of who's the man and who's the bitch and

who's the king and who's the servant

The serpent? I stepped on it's head it's dead

I chopped her, itsy bitsy pieces and boiled her

Chicken soup it felt like

Ate it in one strike

Was yummy but i'm still hungry and i want your money but you're broke cuz when you rap you choke

You're a joke you crack me up

HA HA very funny

Got me rolling on my tummy

You look like a dummy

You're brain dead, Tarded

And i'm just getting started

Enough rhyme for you to resign 

And your label to sign

A fellow like me who's got the time to do what it takes to shine

So i'm taking back what's mine

First your glass of wine

You shouldn't be drinking

In your drool you're sinking

You can't see me so your blinking

Here have my glasses

I don't need them i'm past this

I just want you to witness

The revolution the evolution

Please snap out of your confusion

I am real but you are not

I am the dream you are what?

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