A Sucker For Pain

By AbrahamCrypto | Rap scribbles | 22 Jan 2020

A sucker for pain, that's all i am

If i wasn't then its because i'm on the cocaine

But i'm not, so hit me with all you got

You only got one shot in the glock

Don't aim at my squad

Just shoot me in the brain so they won't fucking complain

That i'm a muderer and a burgular

I go beserker for a burger

I'm fearless and i'm senseless

I'm brainless so i'm reckless

I'm dying and i feel no pain

I got toxic venum running through my veins

I spit rhymes like clouds spit rain

I spit diamonds like i ate a fucking bank

I killed everyone in the bank when i fired my armored tank

Now the feds are on my back im back in jail and on crack

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Entrepreneur, Crypto currency adopter, Highly empathetic.

Rap scribbles
Rap scribbles

Stuff that rhyme that i write to pass time

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