TOP # Coin List - Maybe I have the wrong expectations?

By NolaCardBoard | Rants and Musings | 17 Apr 2021

 In my experience (most of ours I'm sure) you want to buy low and sell high. after all that's the name of the game right? How many times do you click on article Titled "My top 10 Cryptos for you to buy!" Only to find you have found a list of projects that have already gone up 50 - 100%, and currently running like mad? 

  I am no big time crypto expert but I certainly understand the concept of speculation.  So when I open these list expecting to find some undervalued projects and at least a halfway descent argument on why I should consider them, I'm a tad dissapointed that they simply picked 10 of the most popular ones to get a click!  Find an undervalued coin and snatch it up at high quantities for as cheap as possible?  Isn't that the best way to make money in this space?

  I have long adopted rules for myself to avoid FOMO and falling prey to someone who wants internet clout. Its far too easy to make a listing of coins that they have already made money on by dumping $100,000 into them once they have  run up by 15%, and then jumping out once the peak begins to slope. For some of us smaller fish, this simply just isn't an option.  More over your guess at where you can get in and where you can go is just as good as anyone's.


1. Only put in what you can afford:

More specifically, if you don't plan on needing it anytime soon, that's the perfect amount to invest. My methodology requires a little time to "Let it Grow"

2. Never count on the top:

If you more of Hodler like me, Take a closer look at what the bottom will be once the inevitable pull back comes into play. Looking at the top constantly only makes frustration and disappointment. In reality you haven't gained or lost anything until you liquidate it! I find it also helps me limit my exposure to risk.

3. Do your own research:

Definitely DO NOT rely on social media/youtube personality with a hunch or a motive to pump it!  Read the white papers. What does the Project do? Is there an immediate need for the technology? Does the game that uses this currency built for the long haul? Scarcity? Ease and possibility of Staking? so on and so on. What's going on in the world around you? Does this project solve those Problems?

4. Is the Quantity of coins I will receive significant enough to matter when this starts run?"

If I have $500 to invest this week, and have some time to let it grow, is it better to sink it into $BTC for a meager return? Most of the time it's not. I'd much rather find a project I can invest in for less than $1 a coin. Allow that investment to grow for a pre-determined amount of time or profit. If I want to protect that profit I simply move some into a coin like $BTC once my goal is realized.  A second option is to wait for the pullback, trust your gut and the informed descision you made and invest a little more next week before dumping your earnings in to the $BTC vault.


  We all have different needs and goals. Reasons why as well as things to accomplish in this wonderful world known as the "Crytpo Space."  These are just a few of the simple (very simple) guidelines I have developed for myself to grow a small amount of resources into potential larger growth. The truth is, if you buy it at the right price, at the right time, you will make a buck on anything! I would be thrilled to read any rules you have for yourself that have helped you prosper in this Space. Any advice? See you in the comments!

  Thanks once again for taking the time to read through my rantings and may the Crypto Gods smile upon you!




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