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You are Buying Less for More. You are Being Deceived!

By Drake Flyer | RandomWorld | 23 Sep 2022

Retailers hope that consumers will not notice that the weight of certain products has decreased, and the price has increased.

Did you notice?

Both in Germany and elsewhere in the world, as well as in our country, the prices of consumer goods are constantly rising. This was first “caused” by the coronavirus pandemic, and everything was further aggravated by the energy crisis. Not only are many products becoming more expensive, their weight is also decreasing.

You are being robbed twice!

  1. Reduced product weight
  2. Reduced amount

Take your time and check what you are buying. Even though it's products you've been swearing by for years.

Retailers hope that consumers will not notice that the weight of certain products has decreased.

What is even worse:

Reduced quality

Many manufacturers are resorting to cheaper ingredients, changing recipes and reducing product quality. If you can notice the quality, quality is practically impossible.

These are some examples from my local store (I buy them all the time, that is why I know the price):

Chips, which used to cost 2.11 euros for 200 grams, now cost 2.50 for 185 grams.

Chocolate costed 1.99 euros for 450 grams, now it costs 1.50 euros for 200 grams. Do you see the trick? Cheaper, but not cheaper.


I don't buy them anymore. I moved on to cheaper options. 


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Drake Flyer
Drake Flyer

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