EU Produces Record Amount of Renewable Electricity

By Drake Flyer | RandomWorld | 20 Oct 2022

The war in Ukraine is having an impact on electricity production in the EU: according to a study, the member states have been producing more electricity from wind and sun than ever before.

Energy must come from somewhere!

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, the European Union has produced more electricity from wind and sun than ever before. Between March and September, almost a quarter of the EU's electricity came from solar and wind power.


Last year it was 21 percent in the period, compared to 24 percent this year.

A total of 345 terawatt hours came from the two renewable sources - an increase of 39 terawatt hours compared to 2021.

But the future potential is even greater. The EU's plans to accelerate the energy transition because of the war in Ukraine would have to be implemented by the EU states and the European Parliament. Negotiations are currently underway.


What to do with this »useless information?«

Use it! You know that renewable companies will be packing up decent profits. Buy some shares from for example: Orsted, Iberdrola, Vestas Wind Systems A/S…

After all, long-term success from companies like this is a must. If they fail, we will fail as a society. Be aware that the mentioned companies are completely random, perhaps they are not going to make any significant changes or make you any profits from trading their shares. I also don’t hold (yet) any of their shares.


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