This could be the end

By fmoreno | RandomThoughts | 22 Jan 2021

I am not talking about today's prices, I am talking about myself and my life.

I will tell you this fast, I have 2 unknown ball-like things in my body. I went to check them to the hospital and they did not know what they were.

The situation was like the films, the first medic can not identify them and call another medic to help him. That is not very comfortable, but what was not comfortable is that the second one could not identify them either.

They may not be nothing very concerning because the medics did not say the cancer word, but did not deny it either.

The thing is, I am 23, I was introduced to the idea of not being in this world for the first time seriously and I am not bad.

It is a thought I have now nearly all the time. But I am not depressed, I have no need to cry or anything. I am at peace with myself. I will prepare some documents for my family to have access to my crypto just in case.

I want to travel, enjoy life, keep studying and everything. I do not think I missed my life, I am very happy for how I lived it until now and I would not change many things.

I will talk more about my feelings and thoughts in the future. and if I have the chance to help anyone having a bad time I will.

Tomorrow I will know the answer. I think it is worse not knowing the answer because it gives you hope and you tend to believe that there will be good news.

But I will be patient and try to enjoy every single minute from now independently from the result.

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