Solar energy and crypto mining

By fmoreno | RandomThoughts | 25 Jan 2021

I am a great fan of renewable energies. My favourite is solar. You do not have moving parts and there is plenty of it.

The part that there is plenty of it may be relative. It is considered that the sun heats the earth with about 1000w per square meter, but my solar panels only get like 400w with a surface of a little more than 2 square meters.

How is this possible?

Efficiency. The big stone that solar energy carries. Most modern panels only get about 20% at best, meaning that they only get about 200W by square meter. That is why my panel with more than 2 square meter only makes 400w. And for generating at maximum 1600w I have 4 400w panels.

At about 150$ Each it cost me 600$ making 1600w each hour on a sunny summer day. If I would sell this energy to the grid it would mean 30 cents a day with my current selling prices. At 5 cents the Kw.

To do this we have to add my hybrid inverter that costs 400$. And cables, at around 200$ (yes, solar cables are expensive).

Total, 1200$. If I wanted to sell the electricity it would mean something like 2000$ more for certifying the installation and buying another inverter.

So if I do not sell the energy I must use it. How? Air conditioning in summer? No.

I have a Zcash miner, the model is Z11, at 1500w it puts all my solar production to work.

This miner generates and consumes about 5$ a day average depending on the coin price. But this average means I just make what I have to pay for electricity. but the solar panels make it easier.

Muy new average is 2,5$ a day in electricity. giving me 2,5$ of profit a day!

This does not sound as much now but this is what a 6 or 10Kw farm makes.

I had this panels and minner since last summer and I made something like 300$ proffit. or 1/4 of the initial price. This means in 2 years I could have paid everything off, when it takes a typical installation connected to the grid around 20 years to return the investment. So 10 times better.

These are not the exact numbers but are very close. I am very happy about my decision to go solar mining and I am thinking of helping with wind energy when the sun is down. But maybe next year.

If you have any questions I will be very happy to answer them. Hope you enjoyed the article. See you next time!


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