Don't Smoke Crack and Day Trade!
Don't Smoke Crack and Daytrade

Don't Smoke Crack and Day Trade!

By randominternetuserperson | random | 6 Jan 2020

There are alot of opportunities to make money on today's markets.  There is also alot of money to be lost.

That's why Im going to discuss not smoking crack when you daytrade.

Drugs, like the markets, can be very addictive.

Especially crack.

Swing traders and holders, listen up, because this pertains to you, too.

When you are executing trades on the market, the most important tool you need is a brain.

There is a very dangerous way to destroy that brain.  Is it by using crack?  Yes.  Yes it is.

Using crack is dangerous.  Playing the markets can also be dangerous.  Combine the two,

and what is that?  That's right:  dangerous.  VERY dangerous.

Today Id like to encourage you to put down that pipe, take a good hard look at the market, the EMA, those fibonacci retracements,

and then take a good hard look at your portfolio.

When you do, just ask yourself this:

Should I be day trading and smoking crack?

What's the answer?  No.  That's right.  The answer is:  No.


Thank you for reading, and please know that its never too late.

If you know someone who is addicted to something, or if addiction pertains to you, please know that you DO matter, and help is out there.

From NA to SMART to rehab, there are resources available.

Its entirely up to YOU to decide to take action, and whether that decision comes today, next week, next month or next year, please know this:

You are NOT alone.


Thanks for reading.





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