Empathy's Fall

By hugo300 | Random Views | 24 Aug 2020


There is an observation that seems clear to me, empathy for our fellow man is dissipating, leaving only hate, distrust and self-centered concern. To preface this right at the beginning, its something that touches all people regardless of any label they fall under. In the same way, this new lack of empathy is not with respect to some far off peoples in other countries (because that was never strong), but empathy towards neighbors and peoples of their own community.


People are closing themselves to the other, the different, incapable of facing anything but all data that validates their believes, as means of validation for their own lives, their own actions or inactions justified through those beliefs. Bellow I will use a particular example that may be surrounded in controversy depending on the region of the world you are in, so I understand if you won't read it further, however just leave from the article with the following, in a world inundated with data, you can find data that corroborates a certain belief and also the opposing one, with both sets of data being true in their context, the truth appears to be relative because we are emotional beings at our very core.



One of the fundamental rights of every human being is the right to their own body, you should be free to drink, to smoke, to decide who to love, etc. More concretely, no other person should be able to negate something related to your body provided you  know the risks. This free choice is something that I think few people would disagree yet, the right to abortion is part of this right to ones body.


Besides the religious arguments (they are both unhelpful and provide no avenue of further rational discussion), one of the main arguments is that the fetus should have the same right, which could be fair argument if the situation it was black or white. This could not be further from the truth, from genetic defects which render the fetus stillborn, or that put both lives at stake. Is something that will never be able to actually live more important than the woman's life? How can one put the price of that woman's life bellow something that never experienced nor will experience the world?


Another case, linked with recent news from Brazil, is rape. Here we are not taking just of women being raped, but also of children being abused and becoming pregnant because of it. In these cases the right to their bodies was already violated before, and some types of people want that those women and children suffer through another violation to their rights. In Brazil a 10/11 year old child got pregnant after being repeatedly abused by an uncle, and besides the absurdity of needing approval of the courts to perform the abortion, one person dedicated themselves to leak the information of the child and were the abortion would be performed, and as this great humanity as shown us this last few years, obviously some types of people gathered in front of the hospital to not just protest, because you can protest if you really don't agree with something, but went further calling all manner of insults to the staff, and more to the point to the child.

Any person with a modicum of empathy for another would maybe not really understand, but at the very least respect the decision made in that situation. But it's the world we live in, where people are more interested on looking their "best" according to their beliefs than actually feel something for another human being who may have good reasons for doing what they decide to do. 



In sum, each person should be entitled to their own body, and do to it what they want (knowing the consequences), and random strangers should have no bearing on those decisions.  The story above is just one of many all over the world, and when one talks of rape, we can talk of many other subjects where some people need to impose their views on others. 


What is important is freedom of choice, as any of us should want both for ourselves and for all others, regardless of whatever label they associate with in any area of life, that does not promote violence against others.

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