News: TallyUp Mobile Play To Earn Gaming App Update | March 2022

Update: New Version of the TallyUp App is now available For Download To Your Android and Apple Devices!


No one can lose, Everyone Wins!


TallyUp is just getting started...

This is only the beginning, as the development team works to make TallyUP an unstoppable force for economic good that is owned and governed by its community of players.

The Apps New Updated Features Include The Following:

  •  In Game Competitions! (Open Beta) (see below for participation details)
  • New daily goals
  •  $ USD Token Valuation Displayed In Wallet Next To Total Amount of TallyUp Tokens Collected


A view to see what TallyUp's App looks like.


Live Scheduled Weekend Tournament

Registration Window: 12 Noon - 4 PM (PST) on Sunday 20th of March (this Sunday)

How to Register: When the Registration Window opens - you'll be able to see an option to join under MatchUPs tab in the app.

Prize Pool: 5000 TallyUp Tokens (currently worth $50 USD)

The games will run in a MatchUP format being a single-game knock-out style tournament!

This Live Tournament is an open beta (First live tournament in app different from SURGE) Test run.

So, the development team is asking that if you register, please try to be on app ready to play during the tournament hours and provide realtime feedback to them.

All @Beta Testers and @Verified Players in the Discord Community who joins will get a mega spin added to their accounts (worth between 50 - 2,000 TallyUp Tokens, $0.50 - $20.00 USD Valuation at time of writing) for helping developers build this out!


Interested in joining this fun gaming app and great community of people? If so, you may download to your Android or Apple Devices Here.

Link to Discord Community Located In The App!



Currently only available in USA. Option to register email with what country from to be updated when released in said country. 

MUST BE 18+ To Play

It is your responsibility to ensure your not breaking any laws or regulations within your location.

You will be provided buy-in tokens to begin playing but, are not guaranteed to win or earn any real money. As many factors are weighed out and even as TallyUp ensures a fairly matched game, it ultimately comes down to how you play and if follow rules/ToS.


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