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Atlas Earth


ATLAS EARTH Is A Virtual Real Estate Play To Earn Mobile Gaming App That's Developing As The Community Grows.


Get Paid Real Money $USD per second for Rental Rates on each parcel of land you own.


The amount of Rent you make is dependent in the type of land parcel you own.

You can also, Boost Rent by watching ads and each boost last for one hour. You may combine boosts time watching multiple ads up to 6 Ads or 6 hr Boost time max. Any time the Boost clock goes below 5hrs you may watch another ad to recharge boost back up to 6hr max.


Atlas Earth Navigation Map


Below are two lists similar to each other. One being the types of land parcels at their basic rate of pay per second and the other list shows those land parcels at a 30 times or 30X Rental Boost Rate. The pics attached shows percentages of the amount of each of the land parcel types Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary;

Types of Land & Basic Rent Amount Earn Per Second.

  • Common Land: $0.0000000011
  • Rare Land: $0.0000000012
  • Epic Land: $0.0000000022
  • Legendary Land: $0.0000000044


Types of Land & 30X Boosted Rent Amount Earn Per Second

  • Common Land: $0.0000000330
  • Rare Land: $0.0000000360
  • Epic Land: $0.0000000660
  • Legendary Land: $0.0000001320


Atlas Earth Land Parcels



How Do You Become A Land Parcel Owner?


Atlas Earth uses their in game currency called AtlasBucks. This currency allows you to currently purchase land parcels at a cost of 100 AtlasBucks each.

There are multiple ways to obtain these AtlasBucks. Which I will explain briefly each if them so you may have a better understanding.

First off: You are given your first parcel of land when you register for your account. This will allow you to begin earning rent in the game.

Convert Rental Earnings: You may convert your Rental Earnings into AtlasBucks if account is at least $1 USD.

Convert AtlasBucks


Purchasing AtlasBucks: You can purchase AtlasBucks on the app for $4.99 to get the 100 AtlasBucks or other promotional offers or deals when purchase more.

Purchase AtlasBucks


Watching Ads: Watch Video Ads every 20 minutes for between 5sec - 30sec and be rewarded 2 AtlasBucks



Diamond Hunt & Wheel Spin: There is a wheel you may spin to collect between 1-50 AtlasBucks for redeeming diamonds you find throughout the map. UpTo 3 spins plus extra 2 spins for watching 2 ads per 24hrs.



Visa Purchases at participating locations: You can securely connect a Visa Credit/Debit Card to your Atlas Earth account and be rewarded 1-2 AtlasBucks for every $1 USD spent on any purchases made at participating locations like; Speedway, JimmyJohns and more.

Just make sure you are running the card as credit even if it is a debit card to be credited in your Atlas Earth account.




These AtlasBucks will have other things to purchase after further updates given like the Auction Section and Unique Landmark Section.





Cashing Out Your Rental Earnings


Currently you may only receive a cashout to your PayPal account. In order to qualify to request the cashout you must have a min of $5 USD in your account.

More withdraw options will be added soon!

So, that's it for now and will have you prepared to start and ahead of others before the other features are added into the game and you get behind. Below is a video attached introducing this promising passive income/idler game ATLAS EARTH along with promo code and links that will give you more awards for joining.

Thanks for taking time out your day to read this article. 

ATLAS EARTH Introduction Video:

Get Started With Some FREE GIFTS By Using This Invite Link: and/or Using This Promo Code: G5U7AC


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