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How to Maximise your Publish0x Articles Profit.

Today I thought I would share something that's not about the all about the bad news.

If you've read my last article "Reasons you should start writing on Publish0x" (Link in the sources) you'll know about my initial success and how it overcame my expectations, generating more crypto than I could ever have hoped for from an article that only took me 5 minuets to write. But, soon after I realised there are a few tricks you can use to maximise your income from your article. 

1. Tags

The most efficient way to boost your income by that extra little bit is by adding popular tags to your article. i.e. "Bitcoin", "Ethereum" and "Kucoin" this will put your article at the top of the recently published list and expose it to many times more viewers. 

2. Timing

Another easy way to maximise your income is by having your article at the top of the most recently published list for the longest time possible. You can achieve this by publishing your article at that certain time of day where lots of the Publish0x users are online but not many of the authors have started writing their article for the day.

3. Trending Now 

If you're article goes on to make upwards of $0.50 then it might appear on the trending now list exposing it to many more viewers and hopefully keeping it up there for as long as possible. This is harder to achieve on purpose though. A good way to try and get your article up there is by giving your article an interesting title that makes people want to read it. It might sound generic but it can be the difference between a successful article and a very successful article.


This one might take a bit of time but the more followers you accrue the more consistent readers you will have and therefore the more tips your likely to get. Again by writing unique and interesting articles you can gain followers with ease.

If your new to Publish0x and want to start writing you can sign up here:

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