Why I love BANANO

Forks of different of crypto projects aren’t really anything new. Bitcoin resulted in Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, even smaller projects like Ravencoin. Ethereum experienced the same. So it makes sense that a project like NANO would eventually get its own fork. This is where BANANO comes in. BANANO can be seen as a lighthearted meme-coin, but it has recently been gaining some real value.

From the outside, the real selling point is the fee-less and near-instant transactions that it supports. This makes it extremely viable as a digital currency, more so than many other coins trying to achieve the same thing. But once you look at it a little bit closer, you start to see additional value beyond just the possible use case.

Its community is a truly great thing. Although I’m not personally active in the subreddit, I always make time to browse and see what's happening. The community spans across other sites besides just Reddit. Anywhere you go it boasts a strong, tight-knit community that has always been very welcoming to any newcomers. Alongside how helpful and friendly the community is, it also has no shortage of memes. That’s always a plus!

I think one of the greatest parts of the community is that the focus isn’t necessarily on the monetary value of the coin. 1 BAN = 1 BAN, is the best way to put it. Everyone is there to have a great time, and if the value begins to rise then that’s a nice side effect.

Earning BANANO

So alongside how great the community is. There is even more to this. One of the best ways to earn BANANO is by donating your computing power to medical research. [email protected] offers the infrastructure for this and, and once properly set up, allows for earning BANANO based on your computing power. This makes it similar in hardware usage to proof-of-work but allows for contributing beyond just the network itself.

The projects that you can contribute to can range from specific diseases including Alzheimer’s or COVID, or you can just contribute to any project currently needing assistance. You earn coins based on the points you get from each work unit, so more powerful hardware is able to earn significantly more. This is a great option for people already looking to Fold, or those with hardware that doesn’t really allow for mining other coins.

Besides this option, there are a lot of other ways to earn. This site offers a look at faucets, games, and other opportunities to earn. Having said that, Folding is the best option in my opinion. Although you do have to take electricity into consideration, it’s a reliable way to earn.

Final Thoughts

There is a lot more to BANANO than meets the eye. On the surface it can look like another meaningless scam, but once you dig deeper you see that the project has simply grown organically for the last three years. It still maintains its lighthearted, meme culture no matter the growth. It doesn’t get mentioned a lot outside of its own spaces. However, I think this has helped it build a robust community that is there for the project rather than trying to make it to the moon. Howtobanano also has links to all community pages.

[email protected] and a strong community have helped it grow on its own and the people within it are rewarded by the recent rise in value. I don’t expect much more rise to happen immediately, but I do expect it to continue to grow and become an even better project slowly over the future. And that really is the way for a lot of crypto projects to do it because it promotes more stability and strength.

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