The Suez Canal to Be Widened after Ever Given fiasco

By Lukros76 | Random Stuffness | 16 May 2021

A thing that is long overdue will finally come into fruition. Despite the obvious need caused by the steady growth of ships over the years we're only now getting the widening of one of the most important trade routes in the world. Still, it's better now than never.

Suez Canal - Wikipedia

The Suez Canal Authority (SCA) said this week that they plan to widen the area bz 131 feet (~40m) and also deepening it by 10 feet (~3m). As expected, the reasoning for this is to stop another similar incident to the one caused by the Ever Given in March. The changes are expected to take around 2 years and will not be done on the entirety of the Canal but on around 18.6 miles (~30km).

For anyone wondering, the Ever Given was impounded near where it originally got stuck and the SCA is asking for a large amount of money to pay for the untold amount of delays and problems it ended up causing. This is mostly being done by the ships insurance that is surely losing their hair over how it all went down...

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