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I don't know how many of you play poker out there but I've seen some habits I think are a result of misunderstandings in the pot math and not thinking bet decisions through before placing bets.  Like for starters a lot of people bet half pot and pot sized bets without taking the few seconds it would take to realize that even a half pot size bet is more chips risked than the amount you already have in. And pot sized bets.... Geez. ...I get it kind of if you're is a known calling station, but I see a lot of pot size bets placed on non made hands.  When you do that you're risking 2-8 times the amount you already put in the pot.  So if someone else wins and you lose all your equity you're just throwing chips away.  I think healthy preflop raises open up the lower third of pot value for bets on non made "value" hands.  So raise preflop then down bet to lessen your exposure and people are more willing to call smaller bets and you can build massive pots without ever betting over 1/3 pot.  Idk it's something I've been thinking of.  Let me know what your opinions on this topic are in the comments below.  Use my links to play online using crypto. Thanks if you do. Much obliged.

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