Where to get the GOODs on Publish0x (Satire)
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Where to get the GOODs on Publish0x (Satire)

So, you arrive on PublishOx. You're looking for some juicy new content so you can tippity tip tip tip. If it's good, you're going 80/20 .. in reality you're probably going 60/40. Who knows? Not me, that's for sure.

Anyway, you arrive and you see something that looks roughly like this.

PublishOx Homepage

What do you do now? Do you keep pumping those homepage articles that EVERYBODY is reading? No, you want to find new content and help light a fire 🔥under it. Yeah, support the underdog. It's like looking back to 2007 and supporting the #8 seeded 'We Believe' Golden State Warriors [before it was cool to support the Warriors] beat the #1 seeded Dallas Mavericks. Stephen Jackson, Baron Davis and all those dudes. It was awes....





...Oops, got off topic there.


Anyway, I WANT YOU to click this button [the one in the red box, the crowd screams!]:

Publish0x new articles

Yeah, click NEW and find all the new goodness that this site has to offer. DISCLAIMER: Some new content may not be very good but people gotta improve somehow right?! Yeah, that's right.

Support the underdog today and find the uncut gems (like Adam Sandler in that pretty decent new Netflix movie!).




P.S. Publish0x - why can't I use strikethrough? More on this at some unknown point in the future when I feel like spur of the moment writing a blog post about nothing!

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Random musings of a Kiwi blogger 🥝

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