Evolving in A Crisis

By Sponked | Random Inspirations | 5 Aug 2021

In the current situation of the world, the cursed pandemic, where most of the people I know, have lost something really important, whether it be family members, friends, relatives, jobs, money, love, and even education. Simply said, this current situation has been really taxing on a lot of people, especially ones on the bottom tier of the social strata where they are barely hanging on to dear life. In times like these, it is not uncommon for most people to start losing hope and just accept their fate. Even so, I think that moments like this are a great time to develop yourself!

Why do I say that? Well, from my perspective and experience, this pandemic has given me some think to reevaluate myself. Am I happy with the way I am living every day? Will the current me make my 10-year old self proud? Is this how I am going to spend the rest of my life? Unsurprisingly, the answer is a big NO! Taken aback, I start to think about how to develop myself toward a better me.


The Baby Steps

The first step I take is to list everything that I do every day in my spare time, starting with the things that I think are just a sort of 'cheat activities' that I should only be doing about 10 to 20% of my spare time. These activities included playing games, scrolling through social media, and reading comics. That said, these activities are still worth wasting some time on, as human beings still need to take a break from 'fully productive' activities.

The second group of activities that I made is for activities that are chores or house-cleaning. I think that 20 to 30% of my spare time spent on chores such as cleaning my room, washing dishes, clothes, etc. is a fair deal for myself and my family.

The rest of 50 to 70% of my spare time is now spent for 'developing' myself, whether it be by learning about new things, such as cryptocurrencies and the rapidly growing vocabularies that comes along with it (Blockchains?? DeFi?? dApps??), or learning about ways that I can start earning side-incomes. One of the great ways that I recently found to do both simultaneously is none other than by writing!

One of the most amusing things that I learned while starting to write is the process of storytelling and the journey of finding inspiration. The old me would have never bothered to read articles more than 300 words long, but here I am looking at few sites for writing inspirations and ways on how to improve myself. Writing aside, I try to spend the productive part of my spare time doing things like reading books, reading market charts, and exercising. While writing, reading, or anything 'productive' isn't usually your cup of tea, there is nothing wrong with trying out things as usually the highest hurdle is the very beginning (i.e. the moment you picked your first book to read / the moment you decided to exercise daily). In the short term, you might find it boring, exhausting, and even stressful. But let me share this very special quote that I found: "It always seems impossible until it's done."

Another quote that I find very inspiring and keeps on pushing me forward is "Your hardest times often lead to the greatest moments of your life. Keep going. Tough situations build strong people in the end." by Roy T. Bennett. While it is true that staying positive or keeping your motivation levels high is really difficult at times like these; where life just keeps throwing stuff at you, just know that if you do survive it or even better, gain something positive from this, you will be a way better version of yourself, at the very least a version of you that have survived this hell of a pandemic.


For a better self?

One tip that I want to share is to stop doing things that are harmful to yourself such as drinking, smoking, and gambling. If it doesn't help you in normal times, think about how worse it will make you in hard times like these. It's better to save your money on things to improve yourself like buying a book, getting some healthy foods, and of course, invest in things that you've done your research on.

In conclusion, but reading this writing I hope that you won't give up even when things are tough, even when things never seem to go your way, even when there is nobody to help you, and for you to remember that you still have a chance at being a better version of yourself if you hold on. You never know when a life-changing moment is going to happen, but the better prepared you are, the sooner it will come!



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Random Inspirations
Random Inspirations

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