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I have a book that is belong to my Mom's friend son. This was given to me by his mother, because he already finish high school and that is why I have a copy of this. Actually this book was just on my cabinet, I didn't really read it. This was 3 books actually, but the other one was destroyed because of typhoon that I forgot the name.

This books has a lot of question, with different topic. The human body, the Natural World, Science and Technology, Earth and Space e, Ancient History and Modern History. Different topic and with a lot of content. Some question will be answer because of this. And I'm gonna share it here, hope you don't mind


Why is Charles Darwin remembered?


Charles Darwin (1809-1882) is an English Scientist who was remembered because of his idea about evolution after years of studying it and traveliing for exploration. He also discovered a lot of islands with a population of a unique creatures. He showed how those creatures differed from their close relative somewhere. For example is the Galapagos Islands he found a different kind of animal life that is due to their isolation from the mainland. An example of this animal that Charles Darwin discovered was a Giant Tortoise.


Why Attila the Hun was so feared?


The Huns was among the ferocious of among many barbarian tribes who destroyed the power of Roman Empire. They are expanding their kingdom by conquering the neighbor coutry until they got a hold of it and controlled a region from the Rhime to the Caspian Sea until to Baltic. Attila is the ruler of the Hun Kingdom that is called today as Hungary. Attila who is known for his cruelty to his troops command the Huns from their country and almost conquered the Europe. He also force the Eastern Roman Empire to pay him with a condition that he won't attack their empire. He also order to marry the sister of the emperor in the Western Empire and as a payment half of the empire but rejected and that caused a war.


Why Timur Lang was Infamous


Timur Lang or Timur the Lame was a ruthless leader who claimed that he is the descendant of Genghis Khan. Timur clasped the city of Isfahan year 1387 and he ordered his men o kill 7000 citizens and exhibit their head in the city wall outside. Timur had already defeated Persia and destroyed Asia including Russia and India, that's why when the Ottoman tried to expand their empire they are shocked when they discovered that Timur has already conquered it. Timur also attack Turks, ransack their city, wipe out their army and captured all thier leader. They start pludering it and breaking the empire. It should be Ottoman's end if Timur didn't die, he died on 1405 and he is the last of the Mongol Kingdom.


Why is Boadicea Remembered


Boadicea or (Boudicca) was a queen of Iceni. Iceni is a tribe of Celts that is residing in Eastern England. She has a husband who is a governor that worked in Roman but after her husband death the Romans tried to take over or control the Iceni. Boadicea won't accept it and she lead a rebellion as the Colchester and London sacrificed and the Romans and the Romans armies marched against her. The Iceni and and their Celtics allies was defeated by the Romans. Boadicea was famous when it comes to fighting from Chariot, and the Romans need to developed something that is equal these Boadicea, the moving warrior with her speed, but she ended her own life by drinking a poison, she'd rather die than be captured by those Romans.

This is just it for now, I don't know if some of you knows about them but I think you are familiar of those names. They are a well known people from the history of different country.

I still have a lot of question here that can be answered thanks to this book. If you are interested to know more you can comment in the comment box and I will share some again when I feel like it.






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Random Information
Random Information

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