Lying – Good or Bad?

Every single person, at some point in their lives, has told a lie. But no matter how good the intention, to lie on someone is and will always be something terrible to do. Even though nobody can run from their human nature, we should embrace positive personal traits.  We should give way to honesty, independence and integrity instead of sticking to lies, hypocrisy and two-facedness.

Be Honest

First of all, nowadays, honesty is a virtue that too few people possess. We live in such an age that showing our true colours to people is kind of scary for them. They prefer to live in their illusionary lives, being constantly lied to continue their “peaceful” existence. However, suppose you want to avoid useless relationships with people that you do not wish to be in your life. In that case, you should try and be honest. You will never have to deal with fake people because honesty attracts real people. In turn, they will appreciate the reality of things. For example, such a person will not get offended if you tell them they are “plump” or “lazy”.  Instead, such people would start loving you even more if you do something terrible and tell them what happened straight away.

Buratino's nose elongates when he's lying.

Say What You Think

Furthermore, having the guts to say what you think is closely related to honesty. You cannot expect somebody not to lie and be honest with you if you do not have the confidence to tell them your honest opinion. Being confident to stand up for yourself or a cause and not fear having a different view or telling the truth is always better than plain lying. It is an undisputed fact that when lying, people get nervous and start feeling bad. So why bother wasting time on having negative emotions? Telling the truth is much easier than lying because lying is like an emotional drug – it leads to more and more lies that all come out at a certain point. On the other hand, being truthful saves so much time. If you are lucky, you might win some indispensable friends by being straightforward.

Be Consistent with Your Principles

Last but not least, people should have self-respect and have the ability to stand up for their moral principles. Consistency in being truthful to each other is crucial in these times of artificial friendships and relationships. That is so because integrity brings up people together, and the key to it is standing for certain principles, and one of them has to be not to lie. Of course, it is sometimes better to lie so that we do not have to do something that others want. As a result, we would tell a white lie and get rid of the problem. But even though it is often tough to keep doing the right thing, showing people they can rely on you will increase their trust. Being able to give will undoubtedly gain you, faithful friends. As in the saying “you reap what you sow”, being genuine with your relationship with a friend is way more sustainable than lying to get rid of unwanted business.

Final Words

To conclude, regardless of the situation, the consequences of getting caught lying may sometimes be more detrimental than its worth. Therefore, being sincere and honest with people in the right path to gaining peoples’ trust. Otherwise, they will never trust you because lying can make people see you as a negative character. They will not only lose their trust in you but also their respect for you. Nobody wants to be friends with a liar. Still, somebody with confidence shows their true colours and integrity to stick to being truthful and sincere no matter how hard times are.


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