5 Steps to Overcoming Teenage Angst

Parents often wonder why their teen children are constantly moody, lazy, untidy or rude. Perhaps, these are some of the most common problems both sides experience. One of the main reasons is that adults suddenly forget going through the issues their children are living. The generational gap adds even more fuel to the so-called teenage angst.

What is teenage angst

In its essence, teenage angst is the feeling that every teen between ten and twenty goes through. The constant anxiety, irritability and feeling of worthlessness are just a few of the symptoms. Parents are often in the midst of the crossfire, and things often turn to worse. Fortunately, teenage angst is entirely manageable. When you are a teenager, everything can irritate and annoy you. That’s why you need to keep your head up and show overdetermination. Embracing a healthy diet and sleeping habits, working out, meditating, and surrounding yourself with positive people are just some of the solutions.

How to overcome teenage angst

Change Your Surroundings


Teenage angst is the phase of life in which teenagers feel that no one understands them and that no matter how good they have it, life is not giving them enough. They feel isolated, alone, unhappy and very angry at basically nothing. These feelings are identical to the symptoms of depression, and it is hard but not impossible to fight them. Managing a positive social environment is the first step. The people we spend most of our time with often influence us the most. That’s why it’s a good idea to stay away from toxic people. Suppose you go out and interact with people who are positive-minded or at least try to be. In that case, you will surely forget about anxiety or anger, even if it’s only for a while.

Avoid Substance Abuse

Furthermore, being in a lousy company cannot inspire you to be a positive person. Of course, it is fantastic to be the life of the party, drink alcohol, smoke and stay up late, but that can only add up to the fuel of your depression. It is common for young people to socialize, and consuming mind-bending substances go along with it. Smoking, drinking alcohol and taking drugs is definitely at the top of the list. But neither of them is even close to being healthy. Of course, they might make you forget about your worries for a couple of hours. Still, after you wake up with a hangover, you almost always regret doing it all. And on top of it, you’ll feel even worse after that. For this reason, giving up on such vices is a giant leap towards a healthier lifestyle.

Stick to Healthy Food

Another critical point is that we make bad decisions when we’re angry, hungry, lonely or tired. An easy way to avoid this issue is with a healthy diet and enough sleep. Everyone has the power to choose what to eat, but not every food is healthy. For example, being tired can make people crave high-calorie foods. But that doesn’t mean to go for a two-litre soda and a pizza. Fresh fruit, veggies, yoghurt, reduced-fat cheese and whole wheat crackers are just a few healthy food examples, and if chips and ice cream aren’t around, it won’t even come to your mind to eat something of that kind.

Get Enough Sleep

Smartphones are one of the bad habits that teens have.

Additionally, getting enough sleep is also very important. Nowadays, teenagers want to be at every new party event or play computer games until the morning. The lack of quality rest can lead to unhealthy eating and moodiness, lack of drive, bad grades, and concentration problems. Therefore, teens need at least eight and a half hours of sleep a night. If you do not get even close to that, it may be time to re-evaluate your daily schedule.

Indulge into Healthy Habits

Last but not least, when teens are sad, mad, or just out of sorts, they may tend to go to their room to sulk. Or they may want to lose themselves in watching TV or playing video games. It’s much better if you work out. Exercise curbs stress hormones and boost hormones that make you happier. Therefore, going out for a walk to get some fresh air is way better than watching a pointless TV show and contemplating how worthless your life is and so on. Moreover, yoga and meditation are even better forms of working out because they teach you how to relieve your stress through physical exercises.

Final Words


To conclude, teen angst is not something teens do or feel on purpose. It’s not something impossible to overcome either. Taking the proper steps to cope with it is vital even though not all parents understand their children, especially teenagers. Self-motivation does wonders, and if one practices what he preaches, change is inevitable.

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