Cent Social Platform Short Review

By Moodballs | Random Dose | 3 Sep 2019

I have been writing reviews about social platforms but seems like I forgot to write about the most important platform which actually got me started in writing !

Cent is based on the ETH blockchain so getting paid out is as simple as owning metamask

You can find everything on cent from blockchain to art with a very active community.

There are 3 ways you can get paid and that is by Posting with bounties commenting and adding value to posts and sorting where you vote on comments to decide who will get the bounties 

There is no referral link so just sign up here ---->https://beta.cent.co and introduce yourself, let them know what you are bringing to the platform and start earning!

I can definitely see you earning a good income from the site if you put in the effort!

Be sure to follow me so I can let my followers know about you after you wrote your introduction article

Hope you like my short review!

moodballs out!

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