Poorboycrypto's choice: Best Youtubers/Vloggers

Wanna know my favorite Crypto Youtubers? I bet you are just itching to know!

Okay okay probably not... but hear me out for a minute. I joined the crypto space about 2 1/2 years ago and my journey has been amazing. I've learned a lot and by no means do I consider myself an expert, in fact far from it. I research daily and learn daily. While nothing replaces due diligence and doing your own research. I still look to many of the influential leaders in the space. These are some of the people I admire and look to for the latest news/tutorials/entertainment. So while you may not care who/what I watch in the crypto space. The value they bring can't be denied and maybe you can benefit from 1 or more of these people on the list. Here is my video video about others people videos!

So before we get all upset as to why I didn't include XXXXX person or such and such. Let me explain my thought processes behind who fits the bill. Most of my content is directed at people who are trying to earn Crypto for free or for little to no cost. It's why I'm constantly shilling various projects that allow you (the viewers to) earn crypto. The other motive is to help onboard people into crypto through things they enjoy and earn some crypto. My viewers (not all) won't typically have a large amount of fiat or crypto to invest. So I've excluded vloggers centered around charts/trading and investing etc. I felt like the viewers can benefit from knowledge and understanding first before taking step like that. Am I wrong? Comment below with your thoughts. I'm always happy to hear constructive and healthy criticism and debate. If you have a great VLogger you'd like to suggest please do, I'm happy to find new people to learn from.

Additionally I will Put links to both Odysee and Youtube for each of these content creators. (Odysee lets you earn crypto for watching FYI)

The CryptoDad


His content is centered around how to's and tutorials. He is clear, concise and his step by step guides are easy to follow and navigate. With hundreds of videos you have a good chance of finding the tutorials you need. You can find The Cryptodad on Odysee and Youtube.

Every bit helps


Full of knowledge and understanding she is also a great source for crypto tutorials. Between these first two Vloggers you are likely to find the knowledge you seek when initially setting something up. Her accurate and clear instructions make it easy to follow and accomplish your task. You can watch her content on Odysee and Youtube.

The CryptoLark


Up to date news and content. His positive and exciting attitude is contagious and he has a way of pumping up my excitement for crypto. His daily uploads or even more than daily uploads bring a constant stream of value and understanding into the space. I've been introduced to many projects and Ideas thanks to him. You can watch his content on Odysee and Youtube

Crypto Tips


Tackling tough topics like crypto taxes and helping us avoid the pitfalls of crypto Heidi brings a wealth of knowledge and experience into her videos. With tutorials and a wide variety of topics. Watching her videos is a great way to help you navigate the crypto space armed with understanding. You can watch her videos on Odysee and Youtube.

Scott C Business


Scott seems to be everywhere, I see his posts and videos and blogs in all the spaces I'm in and he is also excelling in the space. There are reasons for this. His understanding and insight being one, his straightforward reviews being another. I've even used his knowledge and content as stepping stones to bring my content forth. You can watch his content on Odysee and Youtube.

Naomi Brockwell


Naomi's reporter style content always brings powerful insight and understanding to the space. Going beyond the surface compared to mainstream media she produces thought provoking videos every time and helps me see crypto from a different viewpoint. We need people like her in the space so we can see the whole picture. You can view her videos on Odysee and Youtube.

Crypto Daily


Crypto Daily updates us on the space in the most entertaining way. A great sense of humour allows us to absorb his info that is often delivered to us n the most driest of ways. Although the regularity of daily uploads has dropped his content quality has increased and I much prefer the high quality he delivers  a couple times a week vs daily rushed content. From reviewing hilarious crypto memes to excellent and intelligent insights on some serious crypto topics Crypto Daily delivers.  You can watch his videos on Youtube. (Someone tell him about Odysee).


That pretty much sums it up. I hope you can watch and learn from one or more of these leaders in the space and I hope they can help you navigate and grow as I have and will continue to mature as the space does. Maybe one day I can bring forth the value that these people have.


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Until Next time, Get claiming!


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Hello, I'm Poorboycrypto and I host a Youtube channel among other content creations. My aim is to help others earn cryptocurrency for little to no cost by preforming various tasks. I inform anyone willing to listen/watch.

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