Year #1 - $1547.00 USD. Year #2 - $2932.00 USD.... From free services, sites and games.

By BlueSkyCrypto | Random Crypto Bits | 18 Sep 2020

We are always sharing these sites and services, people scoff, make fun, talk down.... why? because they are too lazy to try it for themselves.

Yea, so what if the first 90 days or so seem pointless, what more do you have to do when it only takes 30 seconds out of your day on a device your already staring at !!!! Seriously, in the first year of trial and error on these sites, BlueSkyCrypto was able to rake in just over $1500.00 for the year.

If this wasn't impressive enough, with added daily, weekly bonuses and a few referrals we were able to almost double the income this year and we still have a couple months to go.



This is all money generated from free services. We use a combination of Faucet sites, Collection Platforms, Click sites, Gaming sites and a few others.

We project to reach at a minimum $3000.00 for this years free pull. This is with a market that hasn't moved much, if the market pulled up right now we would probably be closer to 4k. 

In just 21 short months we have accrued a total of approximately $4500.00 from these FREE services... All of this money is currently working for us and earning more money with interest, staking, farming.

Takes absolutely no time each day to complete this entire list, the more you do it the more you make, its very simple and obviously very profitable, especially for those with no money to start investing! This is the perfect way to build a free account :)

Check out the list and follow the instructions, start bringing in free Crypto dollar by dollar and day to day. - list of every viable and proven site that you can earn from.

We challenge anyone to take this task seriously for 90 days minimum and watch how fast your Crypto adds up! Any questions feel fre to comment or email!



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Random Crypto Bits
Random Crypto Bits

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