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Adulting Signs

By esciisc | Random creative blogs | 24 Aug 2021

Adulting.. Being an adult is good because you have more freedom compared when you are a teenager. I can say this based on my own experience. When I was a teenager, my daily routine is home-school-home-school. It's a repeating cycle everyday. I can't even go to parties, I can't hang out with my friends and I can't go with them during gala, or going some place to hang out. This went on 'till college.

But everything changed after I graduated in college. My parents became more lenient. They allow me for sleep overs, I could go anywhere I want. I got my jo so I can pay for my needs. Being an adult is fun!

Here, I will discuss some facts about adulting life. This is when you realize that you are getting older.

You prefer to stay at home rather than going out. Most teenagers often feel like their parents don't want them to enjoy because they are usually not allowed to have fun with their friends and go strolling at the mall, the park or anywhere they could have fun. That is why they often go without asking permission from their parents. There were also times when I went with my friends without asking permission from my parents. But now that I'm older, I'm the one who insists on just staying at home. Staying home is better because you won't be tired, you can just stay at home during day offs, eat and sleep or maybe watch your favorite drama or movie. This will also help you not to spend money on useless things. Well, maybe this is only applicable to struggling adults.

You get excited about buying stuffs you can use at home. Buying stuffs you can use at the kitchen excites you more than buying a new make-up palette. Before, I used to spend most of my money on personal stuffs such as clothes, perfume and beauty products. But now, those are not my priority anymore. The things I kept buying nowadays are those we can use at home, I'm buying stuffs one at a time to prepare once I move out of our house - curtains, beddings, utensils, casserole and last time I even bought a steamer and a blender! I am not sure if this applies to other adults out there too.

You are not bothered when people don't check on you on a regular basis. Most of us probably became addicted to texting once. You are willing to spend your money to buy load just to be able to talk to your peers. Sometimes, you get sullen when your friends doesn't send even a single message to ask how you're doing. I felt that too. But now that I am an adult, I understand that everyone has their own life and struggles to deal with. I understand that my friends are struggling with their adult life too, so there are times that they wont message me and so am I, I can't exchange messages with them everyday. Like one user said "less time with friends".

You usually get the cheapest product when grocery shopping. When grocery shopping, I usually go to the store who has the cheap price for their products compared to other supermarkets. If the product I'm looking for is pricey, I would try to look for alternative products that is cheaper.

You prioritize your needs over your wants. We know that we have bills to pay because we can't just rely on our parents most of the time so instead of spending more on what we want, we think about the more important things first. Sometimes, when I go to the city, I treat myself with expensive foods, but there are times that I can't do it because I have more important things to spend my money on. Though it is not wrong to treat yourself from time to time as a reward for a job well done.

These are just few of the manifestation of adulting life that I could relate to. What about you?

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