Coinomi Wallet - Should you use it?

By Ran30426 | Ran30426 | 15 Oct 2020

What is Coinomi?

Coinomi is a cryptocurrency exchange wallet that was founded in the year 2014, it happens to be the oldest multi-wallet in the market. I would say due to its age in the market, it has gained a lot of experience in the crypto market and can be recommended to all traders.

The platform is known to be highly secured as it has never had a record of being hacked, this has gained the trust of users as no traders would love his or her asset stored in a cryptocurrency exchange wallet that has had security issues.



Supported Coins

You can find a possibility to store more than 125 different Coinomi supported coins and more than 1770 tokens. Apart from ERC20, it also supports ERC223, ERC721 (NFTs/Collectibles), BEP2 tokens (BNB chain), TRC10 tokens (TRON), NEM mosaics, and Omnilayer tokens.





  • Built-in Exchange: Coinomi has a built-in exchange. With Coinomi, users can hold or exchange Bitcoin, altcoins, and tokens, without having to deal with  KYC, as there is no registration process.
  • Good Security: Coinomi is one of the most powerful multi-coin wallets on the market. Although other multi-coin wallets exist, Coinomi provides the greatest convenience, security, and features, all for the great price of free.
  • Cold Staking: Let your crypto work for you. Earn rewards by staking when offline.
  • Collectibles: Full support for ERC721 tokens - store, access and manage you eth collectibles.
  • Wallet Connect: Link your Coinomi wallet with other apps.





Coinomi does not charge any fees for its storage services, and it has no transaction fees. But you must pay the network fees.


Why Coinomi?

Looking for a platform that gives users privacy, Coinomi is there. It also has a very attractive user interface. The platform supports a wide variety of assets.

The selection of digital wallets is determined by the user's need. Today more and more people are joining this virtual community and who need to manage their money quickly and safely, which is why they are looking for a wallet where they can manage a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and with the comfort of a mobile device. Coinomi is a wallet that offers this service, one of the most widespread wallets in this world of cryptocurrencies and that has achieved a greater reputation among youth. They can work with up to 125 Blockchain networks and thousands of tokens.

Coinomi is a vastly popular cryptocurrency wallet with a cool design and strong selling points. Coinomi has its application available on Android, Windows, and iOS.



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