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I have lost my bakery. | COVID19

By ramonoropeza | ramonoropeza | 9 May 2020

We are all going through a difficult time. Without a doubt, humanity was not prepared for an event like this. It is common for tempers to drop, for us to feel sad and depressed. However, it is not a time to fail, but to flourish. To grow and learn.

Yesterday I received a harsh call: the lady who gave me the oven I was using for my little bakery wants it back. I am not clear what he will do with it. But the truth is that I no longer have it and I will not be able to produce when the quarantine is over.


The first thing we managed to buy: a scale and a bowl.

PanXCafé: a project from the heart.

This project is born from various needs. Of course, the first one was to become independent from my job, being employed in Venezuela is not profitable, you end up being little more than a slave.

Since I was a cook, I liked the idea of ​​making bread. One day I asked my cousin who is a cook how to make bread, but it didn't help me much. Then, I did not try to make more bread, I settled watching videos of great bakers and delicious breads. This allowed me to have a clearer vision of the bakery as a whole and what I would like to do in the bakery.

So, I was looking for a time to enter a course to learn bakery, but these were very expensive for me. They were always around $ 40 or $ 60. And I only earned $ 20 a month in days of up to 16 hours a day. Until I finally found one according to my budget, it was only on Saturdays, it took me 2 months to finish the course. But since I already had a vision of the bakery and its processes, the course was really incomplete. It only helped me to practice and to have a degree endorsed by the Ministry of Education (Perhaps something important). So everything I know about bakery I have learned myself. I have been self taught.

Many times it happened that I did not have the ingredients to make bread at home so I could practice. So, between a friend and I we would complete the ingredients to do anything (although she always wanted cinnamon rolls) so that we could practice. Back then, I worked at night and only baked on my days off. I was also thinking about how to start my own business: contemplating all my possibilities.

I did not have a bakery oven. In my house only one stove works and the oven is not hot nor does it have that much capacity. However, I decided to do a business in my house and thus show my talent and ability. It is very exciting and rewarding when you think and you are making progress towards your dreams and that was happening to me.

One day, baking in my friend's house, another friend tries and says she wants to make bread with me. And he invites me to do a business together. I did not think about it, I said yes, without hesitation or anything. She is an architect of almost 60 years. A good woman and is to be trusted. I told him how I conceived the business.


My first breads for sale.

I told him to name it PanXCafé. And in the beginning we would be baking only sweet bread and selling it in packages of four muffins each. So, while I was going to work, in my house they were selling my breads. So it was.

Until a friend of my partner saw our breads by photos. She has a small bakery in her home. We went to make our breads to his house. She lives in a dangerous neighborhood. But this was not a problem. That day, the idea of ​​working together was born, but my partner did not like the place, so she told her to give us the oven to work in our neighborhood. And we did it successfully while it lasted. Until the pandemic came. And now she has asked us for the oven for her to work from home, but I don't really believe her word.

This situation has made me a little sad. But I am an enterprising man, I am sure to advance towards my goals. I know that I will manage to have my bakery someday. Maybe after quarantine I should go back to look for a job or maybe I will find it from home.


Finally, already more consolidated and starting to create a brand. The logo was made by me.

Thanks to all who have supported me! I am very grateful for your words of encouragement. Best wishes to you.

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My name is Ramón Oropeza, I am a cook, I like cryptocurrencies and I want to have my own bakery!


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