Do we buy into Celebrities and their NFTs?

Do we buy into Celebrities and their NFTs?

It's your average Monday night.
You're at home, sitting on your couch scrolling on your phone through the endless expanse that is NFT Twitter.
As time has creeped further, You notice an alarming pattern of the same derivative NFT project almost copy pasted in front of your very eyes. At first, it seems as if you may be over reacting; There has to be some originality out there somewhere right? 

Of course, there's still small time dedicated artists, they will prevail.. or so you tell yourself.

You keep scrolling, hoping that you will come across the next Ghxsts or Hashbastards, but no. 

You find the epitome of your nightmares. Big names from any industry you can think of, being a vulture to the hype.

I'm not talking about the genuine Crypto enthusiasts amongst the Celebrity community, and by no means do I mean to sound like a GateKeeper of any sort. What I am specifically referring to is this complete change of persona to soak in the mass following that comes with having an NFT PFP and constantly tweeting about buying NFTs and never spending a cent. There are tons of these internet celebrities especially that use it as Free PR and engagement boosts.
Think about it, When you search NFT or anything Crypto these days, What do you see? Constant one after another Shill thread after Shill thread. Usually run, by these large following Hypebeasts, some of which that weren't even in the Twitter game before 3 months ago. Others are people who just follow whatever trend is around as to grow their personal following.

For example this MMA fighter; I won't drop names as to keep defamation out of the situation, so let's just call this guy "Punchy". 
So Punchy, one day decides its time to go all in on NFTs on his Twitter page. I followed Punchy before this switch, as I am an avid watcher of Combat sports and MMA. So, Punchy starts off with the ever popular Cool Cats from the ETH Blockchain. 
That's all fine and dandy, he makes a few posts, cool. 
Couple weeks go by, This mans who's life and Twitter page is still a dedicated MMA page to his fighting career has not posted anything about his fighting, training. All he posts on his page are shill threads and about how he's buying so many NFTs. Maybe he's being legit about it, but at the same time, It seems kind of odd that all of a sudden there is an overall image switch as a whole. 

Why give up part of your identity just to meld into the sea?

I guess more than anything, it bothers me that some people are trying to use a genuine movement that helps artists get recognized and amply paid for their work, as a social power move. I hate to use the term "Culture Vulture", but it sort of applies. There are individuals out there, like I previously stated, that have the purest of intentions and have moved into THAT lifestyle like that. 

Now this is just touching upon the concept of Celebs and Public Figures moving into the Collector side of NFTs. Then there are the larger icons that try their hand at a project. This topic has me more in of a grey area. I can never overstate that my intention is never to gatekeep or sound like anyone CAN NOT make NFTs, because that just isn't what a decentralized platform stands for.
My concerns always lie in a reasonable sense of concern over Pump & Dumps or Rug Pulls. Big name Celebs who move into this realm have been found to be responsible for projects whos success just wasn't it. Now, granted, this could be said the same for projects who were not put together by big named people, so in the reality of it, it just happens. 

I suppose it does fall to a small bias of mine, I would rather support a cause or person that is still fighting for theirs. Not be another decimal point in a Fat Cat's coin purse you know?
But then again, you can look at the project Stoner Cats. This NFT project is an animated series that will be featuring stars like Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. Stoner Cats as much it is backed by big names, has very charity driven and philanthropic celebrities behind the project and make charity donations in its' name. Then you have legends like Snoop Dogg who, as much as I am sure is moving into the NFT space to line his pockets like anyone else, has taken it upon himself to do collabs with existing NFT artists, as well as envelop himself in the Community. I don't mind this, if anything I encourage people from all walks of like into the NFT and Crypto Community. 

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