What's Your vision?

By BITJudas | RainNotes | 16 Feb 2022


The goal is to have a vision for your life.

  Such that all things considered that justifies your effort. After that, you turn down to the micro routines. It's like:  

-Okay, well, this is what I'm aiming for.  

To go from living day to day, week to week, month to month, and that's where something like a schedule can be unbelievably useful. Make a schedule and stick to it. What's the rule with the schedule? It's not agony. That's the first thing that people do wrong. They say:  

-Well, I don't like to follow a schedule.  

Then what kind of schedule are you setting up?  

-I have to do this, then I have to do this, then I have to do that... Then I just go play video games because who wants to do all these things that I have to do.  

That's wrong.  

Just set the bloody schedule up. So that you have the day you want. That's just that. If you got tomorrow to set it up as the best possible day, what would it look like? Of course, there's a bit of responsibility that's going to go along with that. If you have any common sense, one of the things that you're going to insist upon is that at the end of the day you're not in worse shape than you were at the beginning of the day.  

Because that's a stupid day if you have a bunch of unscheduled days in a row. You just dig yourself a hole. And then you bury yourself in. Sorry but that's just not a good strategy. It's a bad strategy. Maybe 30% of your day has to be Responsibility and Obligation. Maybe it's more than that. Depending on how far behind you are. But even that you can ask yourself:   

-I've got these responsibilities, I have to schedule tasks... What's the right ratio of responsibility to reward?  

And you can ask yourself that. Just like you'd negotiate with someone who was working for you:  

-What are you gonna do for me that makes it likely that I'll work for you?  

Well, you could ask yourself that. Maybe you do an hour of responsibility and then you play a video game for 20 minutes. Whatever turns you on... But you have to negotiate with yourself and not punish yourself. As you were negotiating with someone that you care for, that you would like to be productive and have a good life. And that's how you make the schedule. Then you look at the day and you think:  

-Well, if I had that day that'd be good.  

That's great. Most likely you're useless and horrible. So you'll probably only hit it with about 60% accuracy but that beats 0! Right?! And if you hit it even with 20% accuracy another rule is to aim for 21% the next week or 20.5%. You're going to hit that position where things start to loop back positively and spiral you upward. And so that's one way that you can work on your conscientiousness.  

Plan a life you'd like to have.


And you do that partly by referring to social norms that are more or less rescuing your father/mother from carrying your little butt. Another way you do that is by having a little conversation with yourself. As if you don't really know who you are because you know what you're like. You won't do what you're told. You won't do what you tell yourself to do. You must have noticed that. It's like, you're a bad employee and a worse boss. And both of those work for you.  

You don't know what you want to do and then when you tell yourself what to do - you don't do it... Anyways you should fire yourself and find someone else to be...  

My point is that you have to understand that you're not your own servant, so to speak. You're someone that you have to negotiate with. And you're someone that you want to present the opportunity of having a good life too. And that's hard for people because they don't like themselves very much. They're always beating themselves and then procrastinating. It's so boring and such a pathetic way of spending your lifetime.  

And you know what that's like because you probably waste like 8 hours a day. Your time's probably worth 20-50$ an hour. Something like that. So let's say it's 30$ an hour, let's take an average... If you waste 8 hours a day you're wasting 1200$ a week or about 58000$ a year. So, go ahead... But that's what it's costing you every hour and you need to know what your damn time is worth.  

Let's say it's not 30$, it's 50$ or 100$, somewhere in that range. Then, one of the things you should be asking yourself is: when you spend an hour was that well? If I have paid someone 50$ to have had that hour? And if the answer is NO, well, maybe you should do something else with your time. Of course, it depends on whether or not you think your time is worthwhile.  

And the funny thing is, if you assume your time isn't worthwhile, you don't just sit around in a state of responsibility less bliss... what you actually do is you suffer existentially and so that seems like a stupid solution...

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