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Raicoin Bridge to Binance Smart Chain + Liquidity Provider Reward

By otomatis | raicoin | 12 Jul 2021

As previously noted, raicoin has been registered on an exchange called atomars, which has become a scam with the escape of the CFO who is the owner of access to all social media as well as the administrator of atomars. Click here to learn more

Raicoin now has a bridge chain system from the main network to RAI tokens running on the binance smart chain network and vice versa.
you can try it using the web wallet  and select the Apps menu, and select RAI BSC Bridge.

Click Connect Web3 Wallet, then you can connect your raiwallet to trustwallet (using wallet connect) or Metamask in your browser.
Enter the amount of RAI to be transferred to the bsc network (or from bsc to rai), and submit.
The transaction will require confirmation on your trustwallet/metamask.
You will receive RAI instantly once the transaction is successfully confirmed by the blockchain network.

And now you can add liquidity to pancakeswap (in the future there may be more dex supported) and get RAI bonuses like reward nodes on the current main raicoin network just by being a liquidity pool provider (with RAI/BNB or RAI/USDT pairs ).

Raicoin (RAI) token on binance smart chain contract : 0x64EF755D5A2627538CAA3Eb62ee07f96f9B608E4

Download trustwallet

Raicoin Webwallet

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