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By Rahlly | rah10corez | 21 Sep 2022

$50 worth of LTC on Cointiply in a Few Days? A Few Minutes?   A short animation of some Cointiply features. Start Earning

Most faucet sites take time unless you are highly dedicated to one of them or get mega lucky with the actual faucet jackpot (I’ve never hit the jackpot except for one on a scam site: Many offer loyalty points to boost your multiplier for doing tasks. It takes a while to get your level up there; if you miss a day or a few you lose levels. That dedication has to be on point. I usually cycle through… maybe 10–20 for the quick rewards, but not every day. There are quite a few I started months ago and still haven’t hit the cashout, but it’s for crypto so hopefully, I’ll be closed before the bull run.

I joined Cointiply around the same time as most of the other faucets I started with. It’s the only one I’ve had hundreds of USD in my account with no deposit. I’ve had good come-ups on other faucets too, but I had to learn not to be greedy. I’ve had to train myself in the casino as well. I just want more once I see the big numbers rolling in.

I was on about days 3–4 putting about an hour in a day. In the beginning, you have all of your quests available still, I didn’t have offers crossed off of the offer walls, and I was pretty fresh to paint the picture. I stacked about 4–5 in USD while using about that much to train my arena characters. I could have held it all, but I wouldn’t have learned the power of the arena. I did not know it was once a month, so I was right on time. I spent little time learning and a few bucks leveling up for the arena then all of a sudden it happened.

You can find it on the dashboard or click earn coins in the menu and you’ll see the arena.

I was slightly confused about the mechanics but then got excited as my balance kept going up. My characters were killing it and I was a noob. After a couple of days of everyone duking it out, I had around $40 bucks in week one. Still not a ton of money but hey I was having fun after work and it was free coins. You can choose from LTC, BTC, BCH, and ETH and send it straight to your wallet.

As I said earlier, I didn’t talk to my sensei that day and lacked disciple. I made some huge bets on the multiplier game. Dang near hit $200, lost, won, lost, and eventually cashed out around 15 dollars worth of LTC and spent the rest on testing their advertising. I was ready for the next one after that though. Did the math and figured it’d take a week of casual play to train and maybe I could gamble a little to boost profits. I started testing many more faucet sites, to either review so other people don’t get ripped off or for more coins and to have a good recommendation to give. There are many more scam sites than legit I’ll leave it at that for now. I was doing my cycle and pretty much missed the second arena. Did more cross-promoting than anything, and tried to gamble at the end to get lucky, ultimately I could afford 1–2 arena characters with little training. Whatever I got wasn’t much.

I made sure I was ready for the third. There are a ton of ways to make money there, but for the effort put in, I’m a die-hard arena fellow. I spent maybe ten earned USD, which was double what I did in my first arena but over a month. I had 4–5 characters and they were pretty buff. I got an alert I made the top 100 when I was sleeping, checked my phone in the morning, and flew out of bed to log in to PC. I had a little over fifty dollars. I wasn’t paying attention that time and probably could have made more. I looked at number one; he had about seven hundred USD for his wins.

#22 Woo!

I had like 13 rounds between all characters, only one made it to finals and that last round was nearly twenty-three USD. All in all, I broke fifty dollars. Bragged on social media like a spaz and had Litecoin in my Trust Wallet shortly after. If I played on Cointiply solely for the arena I’m sure it would be much more, but that’s just a survey, some faucet spins, some PTCs, and the rain pool. I don’t spend that much time tasking.

I’ve already trained up near where I was then with the leftover coin I didn’t send out. Stacking slowly now, but going hard for the next arena! I’m sure you could make much more if you wanted to do surveys all day or whatever you’re into. I hate surveys and will do it for an achievement or tournament entry, or maybe if it’s like 5 minutes for a good price. Other than that I keep it simple. Depending on your play style or faucet site strategy, I’d put Cointiply on your bookmark bar and remember the arena at the end of the month. I’m doing it with the spendy toons, think the most expensive one is nearly 1.50 USD in coins and upgrades are 1k coins so about 0.10, you don’t have to put much aside for a decent haul.

The bottom of the arena screen is where you can train and see stats. They have some new toons now.

Well, it crossed my mind and I just wanted to share that because it’s still on there as a new feature, I probably would have just skipped it entirely because I was confused at first like “why can’t I challenge anyone?” Well, you can’t you just have to prep for when it’s time. Enjoy, show some love, feel free to ask questions and if you’re new to that faucet, I’d appreciate a referral. All of my links will automatically send you to sign up with me as your referer. See you at the top!

Rahlly - Airdrops added frequently, cross-blockchain swap, more P2E sites/apps, and ways to earn money and/or coins. Corez(CRZ) virtual currency is about ready to go. Finding help and will add a faucet, offer walls, loyalty programs, affiliate programs, and more. Moving at a decent pace solo, but some help would be nice. When micro-pay is finalized, it will be used to pay for help and pay participants. PayPal will be the cashout method, I will add more as the site expands, its still young. 


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