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Egg Swap Chicken - Expanse (1st Post from my Medium, Link at Bottom)

By Rahlly | rah10corez | 17 Sep 2022

Egg Swap Chicken Logo for the Egg Swap Chicken Page Home Page: Staking, DEX and LP Farming

There are 2 Egg projects on the Expanse Network: FarmEggs and EggSwap.
Both of these projects are featured in the first link as well as their staking mechanism.

EggSwap is comparable to UniSwap, the well-known DEX, not the coin. FarmEggs is similar to Pancake Swap. It has a DEX (definancialized exchange) functionality on top of the ability to stake your coins in liquidity pools.

There was a fork done by anonymous devs which migrated Expanse to its own network. The most prominent feature while using the Expanse network is how insanely low the gas fees are. This makes it really easy to stake, farm and exchange because you really only need 0.1 EXP to last you quite a few transactions.

To get more eggs from the “farm” you need to create LP tokens. These LP tokens/pairs provide the liquidity pool with what it needs to generate some more EGGs. I will be using XtrushaCoin in this example. It’s down to 76% APY, which is high but it was near 200% not long ago.

Let’s got back to the DEX.

Now you want to wrap your Expanse coin. So simply “wrap” your EXP and it will become WEXP. You’ll end up with the same number, just a different look.

Next hit the “pool” button to the right of “swap.”

In the following image, I have it backward. You want the coin that is not WEXP up top, for when you make your LP coin it should read XTZ to WEXP. Nothing bad will happen if you do it this way, you’ll just waste a little gas unless you want an LP pool to yourself. You want it to match your desired farm that you will be putting them in.

I did it backward and didn’t wait for my coins to refund, but I did do it right below. XtruchCoin/WEXP Pool Token is the desired one. So, now we have liquidity, let’s go check out the farm! You will have to confirm the swap and sign for it on the blockchain before you reach the next image. It takes about 30 seconds, it’s not a long process.

Now I’ve found the XTC/WEXP pool under the “Farm” tab. As you can see we paired the coin the way it’s supposed to be. I already had some in there, so I clicked on stake, then max, and then confirm. You’ll need to sign the transaction and wait about 30 seconds. If you have some staked already, it will give you all of the EGG that was generated and put it in your wallet.

I only had 1 to stake so it didn’t make a huge difference, but you can see my EGG is starting over from 0 and accumulating already.

That sums up the farm, there are quite a few pairs with different interests. I chose this one in the beginning because it was and still is the highest yield. I do have like 6 other pairs staked that I check up on every once in a while. Another thing you can do to maximize your yield is to stake XEGG, so it’s just a wrapped egg that you can convert under the staking tab. Mine came un-staked, but the more XEGG you have locked the better advantage you take over your APY on what you have staked. If you do not do this, you’ll end up getting less than what it says.

That’s about it for this feature. It’s very low cost and can even be free. You get a good idea of how LP pools work from practicing. That way, when you use Pancake Swap or another like it, you aren’t burning up gas and killing your profit before you even dip in the pool. I’ll leave one more handy tool below.

This list will let you add compatible coins from their main list straight to your Expanse Wallet or Meta Mask in my case. They have less than half of those available and it was a total pain the first time I tried pulling contracts, but.. it’s linked on their page I must have repeatedly looked over it. Here is the link:

I know there are others out there that see Expanse on a mining pool like, WTH is that? That’s how I came across it. I hope this helps solve any confusion you may have or gives you something to do with your Expanse instead of letting it mold up your wallet :)

Take care!



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