Why Can't We #BeKind: An Absolute Disgrace

By rah | rah | 1 Mar 2021

Please indulge me if you will and I must confess to this post being a knee jerk reaction to something that I have just found out.

A year or so ago as Corona Virus was beginning to hit there was a hashtag campaign started in the wake of the suicide of Caroline Flack. While not as successful as #metoo it is possible that #BeKind might have been had it not been for Corona Virus. Caroline Flack may have made mistakes and done wrong things, but to be hounded to commit suicide is too much and a shame on the unkind.


I am going to call it as it is. Some people are disgusting and a disgrace.

My wife and I found out this morning that a good man, a very good man in fact, tragically died a couple of weeks ago and due to his position in society some thought it fine to say and post all kinds of nasty and untrue things about him.

Forgive me for keeping it vague, out of respect for his family and the need to be GDPR compliant, but this man is literally a lifesaver. I have watched him work and bring hope to many and he had a very warm, kindly and compassionate disposition and was always on call. I think I can go as far as saying he works as a fertility doctor in the heated cauldron of Polish religious intolerance stoked by the hateful policies of the ruling PiS Party (no I am not making up their name).

He brings hope, he brings life and he brings compassion and because his views do not conform to ultra-Catholic views many have taken to trolling him even after his death. It's disgusting enough to do something face to face to somebody, but to do that after somebody has passed makes those people less than worthy of something I might stand in in the street.

I know this is not the mainstream of people who have religious beliefs, Catholic or not, but there is absolutely nothing Christian about Ultra-Catholics using such hateful, mean, disgusting and judgemental language. Anybody who claims to be a follower of Christ and represent him with such foul attitudes is sadly deluded by their own religiosity and self-righteousness.

Incidentally it might be interesting for both the believer and non-believer to note that Christ reserved any judgement for the overly religious and smugly pious who sought to elevate themselves above others.

Is it really so hard to simply ask people to be kind and thoughtful. You can respectfully disagree with people, but that never means being unkind.

Please, please think of others when using your words.

Finally, although I haven't mentioned who I have written about specifically my thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.

Please stay safe and stay well and be kind to each other because we don't know what tomorrow will bring. 

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