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By rah | rah | 7 Nov 2021

In early October I was shocked to hear that the husband of a good friend of mine, a decent guy who I have only met a couple of times due to us living in different countries, was diagnosed with late stage bowel cancer. Cancer is always shocking, but what made it even more the case was that he is an otherwise healthy sport loving 37 year old and he’d only been to the doctor because a stomach upset just didn’t seem to be shifting.

His name is Simon Kelly


Due to living in a different country and the Covid situation it has actually been several years since we last met although we stay in touch on social media and in particular with his wife Kamila. They have three teenage sons, two of whom are twins.

Anyhow, I felt compelled to do something for Simon whose supporters had set up a Go Fund Me, with the aim to raise £20,000 for potentially life saving treatment. Noise:Cash, thanks to Marc de Messel is an amazing social media that gives away awards in BCH for simply participating in the platform and it has quite rightly been described as a kind of Twitter for Crypto.

So I decided that all the tips from one post a day, tagged #fundsimonkelly, would go towards the fund raiser and I decided to run the campaign until 31st October. Open ended fundraising tends to be less effective because it sets in mind a kind of “later” mentality. This worked very well for the first half of the campaign and the Noise community were incredibly generous with Club1BCH even setting up their own wallet dedicated to Simon.

Additionally a number of individuals made additional donations through the QR facility aside from Noise’s own funds.

However, halfway through the campaign Noise changed their policy in terms of no longer showing the value of tips received, which made counting potentially harder. In response I decided to dedicate all tips received on every third day to the campaign and also wrote an article on Read:Cash to add to the fund.

Of course I added a reasonable donation of my own as, first and foremost they are my friends and secondly it would be hypocritical of me to ask others to reach into their pockets without doing so myself.

Finally, in terms of accountability I submitted my figures to two other individuals who checked them through. While, due to Noise’s change in policy concerning showing tip value, the levels of accountability were less than ideal both individuals were more than satisfied that I had acted out of integrity and possibly been even more generous with the figures than they actually were.

So the final results looked like this:


Additionally the verification report I received looked like this. The dollar discrepancy is to do with the receipt of one last QR donation after the deadline had passed.


Finally I rounded the figures up and sent £160 to Simon’s fund thanks to the generosity of all those who gave and clicked hearts throughout.

I am grateful for Marc de Mesel (it would be great if somehow he could see where is funds are going.


Finally, if you would like to donate my Noise Campaign is now closed, so please go directly to Simon’s Funding Page at:

Many thanks

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