Publish0x Withdrawals - The Big Question

By rah | rah | 2 Apr 2021

Firstly, Happy Easter everybody!

Secondly it is Withdrawal Weekend and this presents more problems than it solves.

I have made no secret of the fact that I love Publish0x. I have written a large number of posts and been well rewarded in terms of both followers and crypto (wouldn't quite say free - although technically it is - but for frequent bloggers who aim to produce quality articles it takes some work).

I am probably not alone in struggling to utilise the coins effectively.

Ironically, despite gas prices Ethereum isn't the problem. I just drop it into Celsius and pretty much ignore it - other than keeping my spreadsheets up to date. I wish I'd done that from the beginning because now I'd be sitting on a nice $500 instead of $100 - but we live and learn and mistakes are to be expected in the beginning.

The problem is that as Publish0x has evolved - for me anyway - it has moved away from more useful coins to ones that are frankly quite useless. As I have written recently there is a part of me that resents opening endless wallets for every new coin I have to take. Offering KuCoin as a replacement doesn't resolve this and still doesn't provide a good option for #farm.

I need to look more carefully at Harvest Finance, as my first attempt to do anything with it through Metamask failed. Both PVMihalache and Mynima are far more knowledgeable than I if you want to follow this thought - and indeed I intend to at some point. Khazrakh may also be very helpful too. I follow many great bloggers but I really do recommend both of them to you if you are not already following them.

So recently, more out of desperation than anything else, I opened a Coinbase wallet because it is related to my Coinbase portfolio on their exchange and it takes both Ampleforth and #Farm. As you saw from my recent article (Coinbase Wallet - A Waste of Space) I may as well have flushed it down the toilet as prohibitive gas fees have paralysed both assets.

So what about

To be honest I have had nothing but a superficial look at it as I am now suspicious of all wallets as they seem to be happy to load with your crypto assets but then charge extortionate (even criminal) fees once you try to start doing something useful with it. Trust / Atomic / Upload / Coinbase they all seem to be playing the same game and I know many commentators say that fees can be set concerning using Trust which probably makes it the best of the lot - that is not an endorsement by the way.

So experience has taught me to be sceptical.

At this point in time I would like to remind you of a little story that gives me some hope. When I first started trading in June 2020 Publish0x was offering rewards in DAI, BAT and Loopring and while I could readily find a home for both my DAI and BATs my poor Looprings were left homeless. I had nowhere to put them and so I effectively hodled them on Publish0x. My thinking at the time was - well at least I am getting DAI and BAT which I can utilise on every Withdrawal Weekend.

And then a miracle happened - Coinbase suddenly took on Loopring and my homeless assets suddenly had a place to belong - I was so happy.


Now fast forward to Easter 2021 and now at least I can utilise my Ethereum. So maybe my best option is just to hodl my two useless assets until such a time that either Coinbase or Celsius take them on.

I will be opening a Binance Account the next couple of weeks - for other reasons to be honest so maybe I can add them into my list.

So just maybe I will have a miracle and one of these platforms will take on #Farm and Ampleforth.

It is Easter after all and it is supposed to be a time of miracles that marks the greatest miracle of all time.

What are your thoughts?

As always stay safe and stay well. The end of the dark Covid tunnel is in sight!


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