How I'm Using Publish0x to Slowly Turn the Crypto Tide
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How I'm Using Publish0x to Slowly Turn the Crypto Tide

By rah | rah | 15 Oct 2020

Let’s face it September was a terrible month and I have already stated the devastating effect it had on my portfolio. I thought a few times in the second half of September that the sun was breaking through and the crypto weather was going to improve only to be proven wrong.

This month I have not been so hasty in my forecasting, however it is safe to say that the overall momentum is going in the right direction. Both my BitCoin and BitCoin Cash holdings have almost recovered back to late August levels and will soon be available to start trading again without making any loss as Business as Usual (BAU in corporate circles) resumes. Having said that my COSMOs is still in a terrible state and not showing any real movement, it may at best be 4% higher than at its worst, but still nowhere near what it was before the collapse. The only comfort is that at least it is staking.

Publish0x has driven the most significant change in my fortunes in the last few weeks though. Due to high Ethereum gas prices they changed payouts to monthly and at the same time I had not drawn on my Loopring (as up until recently I had nowhere to put it) nor had I drawn on my Ethereum as I wanted it to build up to a workable pile.

At the same I finally signed up to Celsius and I used the last Publish0x pay date as a catalyst. I moved both my Publish0x held BAT and Ethereum directly into my Celsius account and with my Loopring I moved it to Coinbase and waited for a little upward movement – so it was worth more than when I had drawn on it and converted it to DAI. Once converted I shifted it all to Celsius.

I don’t as yet have a huge amount in Celsius (it equates to about 6% of my original investment fund) and because it has been sourced by Publish0x it really represents generated funds (though tips and tipping) rather than seeded funds (fuelled by a deposit).  Admittedly I work hard for my Publish0x blog as you can see from the overall quality of my posts and I am thankful for the tips and overall feedback I receive.

So now I am achieving the following:

  • Ethereum staking at 7.06%
  • BATs staking at 5.10%
  • DAI staking at 11.55%

All of this is on what equates to free income almost separate from my main portfolio and I am in for the long haul so not only is it earning at (most importantly) higher than inflation rates, but I am going to keep topping it up with my Publish0x payments. Not only that, but as I wrote yesterday soon my Cointiply Coins will also become available for withdrawal and they too will be fed into Celsius as BitCoin before converting to USDC for a return of up to 15.89%

The sun is beginning to shine again and has largely been down to circumstance, as my main portfolio faltered and Publish0x’s change of payment policy which has helped fuel the new approach. Whatever happens to my main portfolio (which I see making more gains in the second half of October into November) my Publish0x / Cointiply fuelled Celsius will always be generated income and the overall trend is up.

The only potential risk is a further downturn in Ethereum and just maybe when Ethereum spikes again I will shift it too into USDC or DAI to maximise my profits, first on the margin and secondly on the fantastic rate of return.  BATs are in a similar position but currently significantly underpriced – so the only way is up. In the end I may just do the same with them The beauty of USDC and DAI of course as stablecoins is that their base value won’t move around too much.

Here’s to a return to happy days and bright sunny crypto weather.



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Experienced Business Owner and Coach and Tutor who now trades in Crypto. It is proving to be an interesting journey with so much technical language involved. Follow me as I learn the trade (and how to trade). Made some howling mistakes to begin with, but still learning and will share what I learn as I learn it for the benefit of the community. - RAH

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