Banks B**stards and Bots!

By rah | rah | 30 Mar 2021

I am really annoyed!

How dare they! WTF!

That is personal intrusion taken to an extreme!

Surely its breaking GDPR principles.

Well they can just "go away"

So what has got me so riled this morning?

Let me explain...

I've made no secret of the fact we are expecting baby in a couple of weeks - it's exciting times and a new adventure for us.

Obviously this also means that over the last few months we've been purchasing a loft of 'stuff,'

Baby clothes, a cot, baby toys, initial supplies of nappies and wipes, a pram, bottles, and all kinds of other things - you get the idea.

So yesterday we made another online purchase for our baby. Unusually, this purchase didn't go through the usual Visa / Mastercard route, but wanted a direct bank transfer. Again unusually when I have done this before I have had to do this manually only this time I did it by logging into my bank and doing it through the shop's own platform - again nothing wrong with that.

And then it happened!


Less than two hours after completing the order I got a text message from my bank.

"You don't have an account for your child. Visit our website and set up your child's account NOW! Do it before 31 March 2021 [2 days] and receive a reward from us of £12 [foreign currency equiv as I am outside the UK]" - paraphrased.

I am 100% convinced it wasn't a coincidence. How dare they. I am sure it was a bot, but this is so intrusive and just wrong. Not only that but they tried to force my hand into making a quick decision by incentvising their offer. What they didn't say is that it'll probably cost me £2 a month to have the account - money-grabbing, greedy b**tards.

This is blatant profiteering and a disgrace and almost certainly contravenes GDPR and is just morally disgusting.

When I told my wife she had the best response - "not with you"

So with her full approval, I can confidently say they can "go away".

Another reason not to give the banks your money and to trust in Crypto

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