A Random Easter Sunday Musing about Creative Writing

By rah | rah | 4 Apr 2021

I absolutely love this:

A couple of years ago I wrote the following when talking about writing fiction and as it is a lazy Easter Sunday I thought it might be worth a short revisit.

"A good story, should build anticipation, engage the emotions and stimulate the imagination"


Let's have a closer look at that.

  • build anticipation - this has to be the centrepiece of any story. To get your readers to turn the page you want to instill in them a sense of "OMG what's going to happen next!?!"
  • engage the emotions - any failure of the reader to connect emotionally with the characters will leave them with an empty experience that makes the characters look wooden, uninteresting and dull - don't make them too perfect either!
  • stimulate the imagination. Books are made of words and words are made of funny little squiggles that we call letters. A skilled author is able to weave such words together in such a way that it fires the mind of the reader. The key is to describe enough to create a framework, but not so much that it becomes overloaded. Any such text becomes dense and cluttered and actually enslaves the imagination rather than liberates it.

Just a short thought that might just stimulate and encourage you to write more.

Hope you are all having a fantastic day. Stay safe and stay well

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