When You turned Charmless

By Rachabel | Racha | 15 Oct 2023



You resemble a lake, 
Its reflection is so gorgeous         But deep down full of eeriness

You are one of your kind, you make me voiceless


Lost, I found in your eyes the address 
Scared, I knew the meaning of safety by your sides

But our encounter, by no mistake, appears hopeless


We are two faces of the same coins

Heart interconnected to heart, but broken by stubbornness

Everything seems to separate us


I miss the twinkle of those eyes that embrace me in my night's darkness
I am stranded between the paths of love like a blind heartless

How will I walk once again by my loneliness 


Love's title is attention and merciness, but you keep heedless
Love without passion's blaze turns tasteless

Love is to be fearless in the middle of the ocean's storms 


When love's sparkle burns out 

The mutual gap widens 

But when it fades away, it really pains 

A deep sigh coming from the heart  breathing an utterance

What the letters of the alphabets couldn't pronounce 


You resemble a lake
Its reflection is so gorgeous         

But deep down full of eeriness

You are no longer the one of your kind, you turned charmless 



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