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Seeking Neverland

By Rachabel | Racha | 21 Mar 2023



How can i get rid of life burdens 

That were placed on my shoulders
How can i rid my fragile soul of all its ordeals 

And set it loose

I feel i am about to drown in all these agonies 
My God help me the waves are too boisterous
And my boat is lost in the middle of the storm enclose

Where to escape from all hardships that can't bypass

Where to hide from my days lifeless 
I dream of a neverland, but I am resourceless
I'm seeking a calm refuge to embrace
I dream of a platonic world
Where to live in peace


Life is beautiful but so much laborious 
We all have our demons to treat and face
There are those who bear the dead weights 
And there are those who don't mind the encumbrance


Yet, my tender heart becomes helpless

In front of the unknown and weirdness 


How can i get rid of life


That were placed on my shoulders

How can i throw the loads off my thoughts 

I wish I could find a magical potion or force 

To unleash and forget all  the stress 

Life is a huge ship with a myriad of sailors

But is merely steered by the bravest and the wise 


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